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Beacon Marketing Piece

Tori Schneider

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of EXPOSED

Ambitions About Me: Tori Malcolm Beauty has not always been apart of my life. Actually when I was a little girl I was a tomboy. Jeans and a baggy sweatshirt is what I considered formal dress. But as I grew older and entered high school this industry caught my eye. The beauty business is where my heart is and where it will remain. Every day I am over joyed to make someone smile and gain a bit of confidence in themselves. I not only want to affect the clients I have but every person I meet. I hope that through this presentation you see my passion for this industry and my want to prosper with in it. The Color: I have versatility! The Styling: The Cut: My Strengths: 1. Product Recommendation: This is the most important aspect of a service. If the client dosn't get the correct product at home to recreate the look you gave them then you are not fulfilling your duties as their stylist. Products are KEY to a successful business and service. I have creativity! I have Passion! To me color can not only brighten up someones day but also someones entire way of life! Here are some before and afters of guests I have had. When cutting someones hair I take in not only what will compliment their face shape but also what are they willing to do to recreate the look you are giving them. Here are pictures of me performing cutting techniques and a client that I had who left loving her hair! Hair styling is like putting the appropriate punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. With out that certain mark the color or cut is left unfinished. And with that state of mind to me styling the hair is key to being a true cosmetologist. 2. Customer Service: This is what makes a lasting mark on your guests. I love going around my salon/school and asking any guests for a water or a magazine. Also throughout my entire service I'm performing I make sure they are comfortable, an uncomfortable guest is a guest who does not want to rebook. Also it is a staple of mine to have on a smile and positive attitude so that if my client is having a bad day my happiness will rub off on them and they can relax, forget about the real world, and focus on themselves for once. 3. Cutting: As of right now cutting is a big strength of mine. Everything makes sense in the techniques that I have been taught. When I receive a guest that wants a hair cut I get really excited because with cutting you can make such a huge difference with one little snip! I have come to realize that I have many short term ambitions such as graduate with honors and the title of deans list. But the ambitions that I am truley excited about are my long term ones. My long term ambitions for me in this industry is to number one become a curly hair specialist. As a person with curly hair I understand the pain of going to a stylist who has no idea how to deal with the texture of curly hair. I want to help the world appreciate this texture more by becoming extremley knowledgable in how to cut, color, and style curly hair. My second long term ambitions is to own my own salon or manage a school. I love making a comfortable environment for people and combining that with my technical and management skills I believe I can be very successful in this ambition.
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