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Parents being blamed for bullies

No description

Jeremy Johnson

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Parents being blamed for bullies

Parents being blamed for bullies
Why are people bullies?
What is a very common answer?
Many people think that parents are the reason behind their children being bullies toward their peers. They think the adult should take the blame instead of the child who actually did something wrong.
Why are parents blamed?
Although people can blame parents for raising bullies, most of them are not able to prove why they think that parents are the reason for bullies. Parents should not be blamed because they have no control over what the child does away from them.
Parents can't control kids when they are at school
There is no way for a parent to be able to control their kids at school. Once the child is at school, then they have to know what to do without their parent's guidance. As long as the parents have raised the child with a good mindset, then the child is completely responsible for their actions way from them.
Parents have a responsibility to raise their child right
Most people know that "parents have a duty to do their part to ensure that their kids do not bully others. They need to regularly remind their kids about the importance of treating others the way they would want to be treated.” (Holding Parents Responsible for Their Child’s Bullying) This states that parents have a responsibility to make sure their children does the right thing. When a child is on their own and their parents didn't make the child a bad person, then the child is responsible for every mistake he makes, including bullying another person.
Not all parents are good parents...
There are some bad parents out there, and there is a small possibility that the parent could have raised the child to be hurtful. Although this is true, there can’t possibly be so many parents who raise their children that way, because there are millions of bullies out there.
Lord of the Flies
In the book Lord of the Flies, Roger comes to the island and he is civilized and not a mean person. But as he began to spend more time with Jack, he began to obtain some of his bad traits. Roger slowly turned into a monster and ended up killing Piggy. This shows that someone’s personality can change drastically by the people around them. Someone can be a really nice person with a great future ahead of them, but if the don’t hang out with the right people, their whole attitude can change and it could ruin them. Roger's parents didn't raise him that way, he was influenced by people around him.
Children need to be able to tell right from wrong
Children need to be able to know how to make decisions by themselves. At some point in their lives they need to be able to know right from wrong, even if their parents didn't specify the difference.
In the documentary “Bully”, Ja’meya knew that bringing a gun to school wasn’t the right thing to do. She didn’t need her parents to specify that bringing a gun to school is a bad thing. But she did it anyway, and it landed her into a lot of trouble. Ja’meya was completely responsible for what she did, because she knew it was the wrong thing to do, but she did it anyway. The parent cannot be responsible for Ja'meya's behavior because Ja'meya intentionally did the wrong thing.
Is it intrinsic to humans?
Is it an unavoidable phase of life?
Are they influenced by their peers?
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