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rock cycle

a cycle on rocks

kennedy evans

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of rock cycle

the rock cycle
hello igneous rocks igneous rocks are formed by
magma and are found in th earths
crust. glassy
light or dense properties they are mainly used for the
building of roads and hard
jewerly. uses: basalt
granite - roads
gabbro examples sedimentary rocks sedimentary rocks are usually
found in a marine environment
like the ocean or river. siltstone
chalk examples it is usually used as sand or
gravel. it can be used as household
utensils. sandstone is also used for chemical spills uses medamorphic rocks quartzite
gneiss examples it is located in the earths crust. location it is used for roofing tiles and for
kitchen/bathroom basins. its properties are foliated,
shistose or gneissic texture. ) < properties ) < ( > by teeshabee :) / <
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