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No description

Jingxiao Li

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Youtube

1.) Youtube have simple design
2.) Different format in different gadgets
4.) Legal - copyright & content ID
5.) Political - cencership, religion & culture
Problem and solution
6.) Video recommendations

There are two method YouTube uses to protect its users Copyright
Visual Design – Common Designs
-White and light grey background with clear font of
Arial-Well-organised columns-Hyperlinks: In blue
(underlined words)
-Arrow Highlighted to Grey
-Chosen row Highlighted to Red

-Search engine bar on top middle of the website

-Screen shots of different videos
-Light grey coloured lines are used
to divide different columns
Visual Design
Interaction Design
Problem Research
Information and Technology Design
-Arrangement of information
-Navigation : Easy to access around the site
-We asked some people > Easy to navigate
User interaction:
- Uploading their own videos > express their feelings
- Post comments > publish their opinion
- Users are able to browse videos of their own choice
- Create your own account
- Generate your own play list with your favorite videos.
- Sharing in different social networking sites ( Facebook and Twitter)
- Flags to report videos
Analysis of use in context
-Settings of languages, countries, safety mode and other services are shown at the bottom of the webpage
*However, the right side of the page is blanked
-Different countries and nations are have different version of YouTube logo at its top right
Visual Design – Public page
-The centre of the website is divided into different categories, e.g. music, entertainment, news.
-No recommended videos and subscription page button
-A ‘sign in’ button is placed on the top right hand corner
-The YouTube logo is on the top left hand corner
Visual Design – Signed in page
-Well-organised columns divided with subscriptions, featured videos and recommended videos respectively
-User-generated content
-YouTube takes an active role as it recommends videos for users automatically
Visual Design – Video Page
-Video distributed inside the middle column
-The video timeline is in grey with buttons
-Comments and descriptions are placed under the video
-Related videos are found on the right column
Copyright Strikes
-Users can comment on the video by scrolling down after watching the video
-YouTube is a kind of personalised webpage which recommends suitable videos to particular users
-Clear font and background help target users to feel comfortable when looking at the page
-Different columns are well-organised→
> allow users to find suitable videos quickly
-Searching engine→
>helps users to search videos easily and in a convenient way
Recently on web page
Old version on web page
Apps version in
Detailed promotion
logo on advertisement
-Red, white and black
-Black “You”
-White letters highlighted in red “Tube”
-Slogan : Broadcast yourself
-Short term of country on upper right hand corner
Easy to click into the videos after a search
Many recommended videos, easy to click on and found further information
Multimedia Elements
Videos sharing site
Available for uploading video formats:
-3GPP -WebM
It is possible to convert videos there are converting guides provided in YouTube Website.
Mobile Apps vs. Desktop version
Desktop version
Mobile Apps version
Information and Technology Design
Adobe Flash Player

-Most videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash player
-Coding : HTML & Java
Impossible to download directly from YouTube.
Videos that have been removed due to alleged copyright infringement will appear at the top of the Copyright Notices section of your account.
Videos removed for copyright will be labeled “Removed (copyright strike)” within the Copyright Notices section of your account
If you repeat the infringement for more than three times than your account will be suspended for a period of 6 moths.

Is a process used to monitor information uploaded on You Tube.
It gives copyright holders choices weather and how their content is shown.
Copyright holders give copies of their audio recording and videos
You Tube than saves it as 'reference file' in the database .
It is compared to all the other existing files.
It can find different matches: of audio, video and partial.
Once they are found they can be blocked, left up freely or make money from it.
Give example.
Censorship of YouTube (where, reason)
How does YouTube video effect different religion and culture.
Video against a particular political party
Censorship of YouTube
YouTube is blocked in many countries such as: China and Iran.
Key case: YouTube banned in China
Reasons: Some particular videos show the bad side of Chinese government (Tienanmen incident)
China has one side political party (Communist).
The coercion of information (The video of riots in Tibet)
Cultural domination (Brain wash)
Against Chinese law (People in China do not have freedom of speech)
Effective on religion & cultural
Some YouTube videos that might offend the religious. (Innocence of Muslims)
YouTube video could significantly promoting a particular culture. (gangnam style)
Content ID
People can :
- share videos
- edit videos
- post comments
- advertise products/ companies
- making own video blogs

Virgin Media ( 2005 ) YouTube- about. avaliable at : http://www.youtube.com/t/about_youtube
- Founded in February 2005
- Allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally created videos by billions of
registered users.

Problem Solution
General web page
User's (logged in) web page
recommend videos
recommend friends
on the main page of the websites
recommended friends are situated in certain part of the page, not the whole page
recommendations show in the whole page
Recommended videos are very diverse
Included categories to select from.
All recommended videos are related and similar to each other.
Recommended videos covers the whole main page.
- By using words and sentences
eg. comments, introduction of videos, video blogs
Patsy Stewart (2011) Facebook Suggest To Friends Now Means Recommended. Avaliable at:http://webuildbuzz.com/social-networking/facebook/facebook-suggest-to-friends-now-means-recommended/
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