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Ocean Energy Project

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kyanah hughes

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Ocean Energy Project

How do currents form due to differences in heat and density?
Ocean Energy Project
Ocean Energy Project
Date- October 28,2014
Earth/ Environmental Science
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
US Government
The United States is now investing in Ocean energy.
The Obama administration is taking a part into this new way gaining energy.
The US D.O.E has funded 16 million dollars for 17 projects to find a way to extract energy from tides and waves.
They are funding research.
They have already started during the Summer of 2013

Methods of Harnessing Wave and Tidal Power
Ocean Current Turbines
Cost Analysis
How Currents Form?
Currents form due to Thermohaline circulation.
The difference in temperature, salt content , and differing density's
Density Stratification- The layers of water due to differing density
Currents do NOT form by wind(big misconception)
The stronger the current, the more energy is produced.
Designed to work with water flow from the front and the back.
Can be placed in both rivers and oceans.
Where is North Carolina with Ocean Energy
North Carolina collages are leading a program to bring together coastal, electrical, and industrial .
This will help secure North Carolina future with energy.
What are other Governments doing
The UK and Scottish government have provided to the industry.
The UK has benefited from tidal and wave energy.

الطعم المتناول
Price varies due to what size it would be and how much energy it would produce.
Usually be around a couple million dollars.
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In conclusion ocean energy is safe and wont harm the marine life. It is also available 80- 90% of the time which is twice more than wind and solar energy. It can provide jobs, money, and a great future here in NC and anywhere around the world.
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