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No description

Abhinav Shankar

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of CAMPUS

Way Ahead - Objectives
Employer Branding and Talent Engagement Models
Theme based - Off the Campus Events
Hoping to Travel Ahead!!!

Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd - Campus Hiring
Plan of Action
Requirement Analysis
Work Force Planning
Candidate and Job Profile
Target - Talent
Analyze Work Force Requirements
For Whom - Which Business Unit
Targets - Number of Offers
Skill Set - Desired Skill Set
Time Line - When they want
Location - Where they want
Hiring Model
Analyze Candidate and Job Profile
Job Profile - Roles and Responsibilities
Whom they Want -Engineer/ Non Engineers
Where they want - Colleges
Which Stream of Specialization
Compensation Structure
Target -Talent
Listing Colleges to Target
Identifying and Meeting Potential Leads
Create Talent Attraction
Do Employer Branding Activities
Chart out Recruitment Plan - Coordinating with Internal and External Customers
Execute Selection Process
Offer and On-Boarding
Approaches for Talent attraction and Engagement
Information and Requirement Gathering from Potential leads
Collect Student Database
Past Placement Statistics
Current Engagement Activities
Placement Process
Alumnus Connect
Target Areas for Engagement Activities which is part of Curriculum
Identify Students interests in Tech Projects
Avenues for encouraging Research Projects
Contests, Fests and Other Events

Student Ambassadors
Placement Officer
Department Heads
Academics Head
Alumnus - Oracle Employees
Oracle Interns

Potential Leads
Introducing Oracle Clubs at Colleges
To Brand OFSSL and to execute Branding and Talent Engagement Activities using Oracle Club
Club Members:
Students and Oracle Employees
ORACLE CLUBS - Objectives
To do activities and Events to Connect - Engage - Build Prospective followers, Strengthen Pipeline and to make Oracle an Employer of Choice
Theme: People and Culture
Theme People and Culture
To create better understanding of the Working Environment, Culture, people and Technology in an Informal Friendly Environment
Sports Activities
Social Connect
To make Campus freshers participate in Social Welfare activities carried out Oracle
Events - On Campus Activity
Talent Engagement Models
On Campus Activities
Virtual Connect - Using Oracle Brand Page
Social Media Connect
On- Campus
Get Listed as Partners and Practicing Schools Supporting Campuses in
Offering Internships
Projects Outsourcing
Mentoring Programs
Doing Combined Research Projects
Conducting Tech Fests, Career Fairs

Virtual Connect - Using Brand Page
Tech Talks
Conducting Contests
Training Sessions
Alumnus Connect
Posting Success Stories
Posting Career Opportunities
The Social Media Connect
Posting information related to Oracle Brand
Conducting Polls and Surveys
Videos about Business Cases, Work Environment,Recruitment Process
Q&A Sessions
Using Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Quora, Twitter and Youtube to create Interactive, Quick, Effective channel of communication
To enable direct relationship and Branding at the College
To connect and Engage with Students virtually, To create ease of access to all Information regarding Campus Engagement activities
Organize friendly matches between Oracle and Colleges
Kick Start
To quickly understand the Organization and get familiarized with the People, Process, Hiring Models, Compliance and Tools required
Gear Up to Work!!!
To Start actively contributing and to take up responsibilities in Driving the Campus activities
To Identify Top Colleges
To understand Internal Customer's Requirements and meeting their expectations in
hiring Campus Freshers
To understand and start executing various Social Media activities and other current engagement models
To gather sufficient data and identify factors influencing hiring Top Talents

Running the Extra Mile
To bring in effective Talent Attraction Models for building a strong Pipeline of Campus Freshers from Top Technical Schools
In the Long Run
To be a consistent high performer and delivering way beyond the expectations
Thank You!!!
Attract - Engage- Employ
Recruitment Process Overview
To Connect with College Freshers in all possible Communication Channels, to create more visibility and increase Social Media Presence
Extended Scope: Can replace Traditional Recruitment Process with Oracle Club activities.
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