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Brave New World Ch.15

symbols, motifs, and themes oh my

Sierra Laltrello

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World Ch.15

Symbols that I have discovered throughout Chapter 15. 1. The tiny pill boxes they have the Soma in.
Some Other Symbols. 3. The two Delta groups and their khaki pants. The Overall Theme of Chapter 15 Chapter 15 Symbols, Motifs and Themes.
By: Sierra Laltrello. Individuality Some reoccurring motifs in this
chapter and throughout the book. "You're a friend of the prisoners, aren't you?" [...] "why shouldn't I be?" (p.209) Brave New World Huxley highlighted the individuality and segregation in the chapter with John by claiming "From the lift the savage stepped out into the midst of them"(p.208). Using this quote, Huxley showed the difference between the Deltas and The savage. * Soma Soma throughout the book, and the chapter, is used
in several ways. Huxley uses Soma as a gateway to happiness. Towards the end of the chapter, Soma is used in a vapor so it makes everybody calm down, sob, and become happy, which results in everybody embracing, and kissing each other. Soma is also a tactic that the higher power uses to control the people. In Chapter 15, the Deltas flip out when John throws their drug to try to save their freedom. * Also, note that they refer to John as 'the savage' instead of his actual name. In the story, they distribute the Soma in tiny,pill boxes. This symbol represents the proverb that states "Good things come in small packages". Since distributing Soma in small pill packages, it makes it seem like Soma is a good thing. Shakespeare This quote shows the apathetic feeling John has towards the developing society. Huxley has taken this quote from Shakespeare's The Tempest, where the character Miranda, an innocent girl, naive to her surroundings states "O brave new world that has such people in it".
"O brave new world"(p.209) 2. The Synthetic music box and the Voice of Reason. The music and the voice of reason both work together to symbolize a caring mother. In the act of a screaming baby, a mother saves the day by rocking it to sleep, and most likely singing it a nurturing song. In the setting of a Brave New World, Having a Mother is frowned opon since you were made from the beginning. Without Mothers, where do you get the calming sensation? In the Novel, Huxley puts the mothering traits in the governments tools of stability. The Delta groups are not the smartest social class in the new found society. Huxley even compares them to maggots when he states "Twins,twins. . . .Like maggots they had swarmed definitely over the mystery of Linda's death"(p.209). Even when John is uprising and telling them how the Soma is poison, they still do not fully comprehend what is going on. The two Delta groups symbolize how they want the society to be, ignorant, and the same. The khaki pants symbolize how everybody in the delta social class acts and pretty much looks the exact same-- like how the government wants them to be. 4. Helmholtz's quote "Men At Last!"(p.213). This quote symbolizes Helmholtz's awakening to what he actually wants. It shows the turning point in his life and how he understands that now he can stand up for what he believes, and take on things by himself like an adult. In this chapter is the climax of the story where the characters really realize that they could finally stand up for what they believe in, and show that what they believe about the society is not what everyone else believes. Standing up for what you believe in.
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