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Phil's ISP


Phil ThePickle

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Phil's ISP

Should Hunting For Sport And Money Be Banned?! Specify the methods used for trapping the animals. Explain the motives for money and/or sport hunting. Hunters use all kinds of things to hunt animals! Here are just a few of those things... Jaw traps... Rifles... Hunting dogs... Bow and arrow... Poison... Arrows with
explosive tips... Baiting... Explain the motives for hunting for money and/or sport. "At the very core, hunting makes me happy. I am not a bloodthirsty killer, but neither do I deny that the ultimate goal of a hunter is the death of an animal." -ckRich "Hunting is a part of life for me. If you took it away I wouldn't be the same person I am now. Hunting gave me a greater respect for the outdoors and it has taught me so much that no text book in any school ever will." -Unknown "When I'm asked what drives me hunt, I simply answer that it fills my need. That response usually leads to the follow up question "What need?". I can only think of one way to explain it:

I ask that person to take as deep a breath as possible and hold it.
After 30 seconds their face is starting to turn red and I'm on the recieving end of a very questioning look. "Keep holding it." I say.
When a minute rolls around my questioner is starting to turn purple. They can't take it anymore and loudly exhale and begin gulping air, to which I respond, "That need."

For me, my passion for the outdoors and for hunting stems from a need that is hardwired into my soul, so basic that the only thing I can possibly compare it to is the need to breathe." -ckRich "The fun, the excitment, and the challenge." -peter Show what people think on the matter. Is hunting for sport cruel?
Yes: 29 No:2 But humans are part of the food chain and have been for ages! If we stop hunting, there will be an overflow of animals and they'll all die! What do you think now... is hunting for sport cruel?
Yes: 13 No: 16 Does it bother you at all to think about the cute little animals dying?
Yes: 1 No: 1 Would it be okay for people to hunt each other?
Yes: 0 No:13 Would you kill an animal (larger than a mouse) if it made you friends respect you more?
Yes:1 No:23 Other: 7 Distinguish both the good and the bad of each side. "Some people call hunting a sport, but a sport is an activity that
involves people who want to play. Some people think hunting
is great fun, but how can it be fun to kill an animal?" That is what many people think about hunting and it's almost completly true! How could you bear living knowing that you took the innocent life of an animal that probably had a family, or even pups, cubs or calfs! The animal's family will be left behind anxiously waiting your targets return. Think about them lying there, waiting... waiting... waiting... It's the thrill of the chase, It's the wind in your hair, It's the sun in your face, and just the feeling alone makes you want to scream to the world "I'm finally free!!!" But then, under the cover of shadows, you transfrorm from an energetic lunatic to a dangerous predator. Gun in hand, you silently sneak forward. Towards the deer... Towards the prize... Towards victory. Now do you understand the need to hunt? Predict what would happen if we stopped hunting. We don't want a repeat of the Newfoundland
moose problem, do we? That was the result of a moose hunting ban. So it's either that, or all the animals starve to death because there's not enough food to go around. Personally, I think that weeks of agonizing starvation is worse than the quick, silver flash of a bullet. Invent a way of making both sides
see the other argument's view. You could try showing the hunters this... And you could try getting people on the non-hunting side (or in hunter's terms 'anti-hunters') to ask a hunter why they hunt. Note: Hunting also refers to capturing, not necessarily killing. Note: Hunting is not just killing animals, but also capturing them for personal gain. My conclusion: I think that hunting for sport and money should not be banned. It should be altered with less people given a hunting licence. This is because all the people who hunt for food would not be enough to get rid of all the sick and weak animals. And If you didnt kill the deathly sick ones it would infect the other animals or just cause them more pain. http://www.soundboard.com/sb/Wolves_audio_clips.aspx
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