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Executive Chef/ Owner

No description

Amairani Martinez

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Executive Chef/ Owner

Being a Chef/ Owner
An executive chef is responsible for the kitchen. Everything that goes out the kitchen is the responsibility of the executive chef. It's important for the chef to keep control and command respect from the kitchen staff. Executive chefs will also work outside of the kitchen in developing new recipes, planning menus, hiring or training food preparation workers, maintaining an inventory of food supplies, following a food budget, doing purchase orders, reporting to the head restaurateur, and completing other administrative tasks in their office.

Being the owner requires skills, assistance and dedication. Any one can own a restaurant, but it takes more than desire to own a profitable one. A restaurant owner is the one who has all of the responsibilities of maintaining and running the business.

Chef Paco
Chef Paco is an owner/ chef at his authentic mexican restaurant, New Rebozo. He was born in mexico city, he worked as a general manager at a bank in mexico city. He later relocated to Oak Park and opened his restaurant with no formal training or knowledge of restaurants, just his family recipes. New Rebozo has been opened for 24 years in Oak Park the menu has changed only three times. In 1998, Chef Paco studied at the Institute of Art in Chicago, giving him further knowledge to create fantastic, unique specials. He has developed over 21 diffrent moles, some moles have up to 40 ingredients!
Chef Paco Continued..
New Rebozo has been recognized by the Mexican government for two years.The restaurant has been given awards for its authenticity and just downright great food. In 2013, Chef Paco opened a second New Rebozo located in the Chicago downtown area. He is also a television chef for vida mujer and despierta Zoe. Paco has appeared on Check Please, Chicago's Best, N television, Telemundo, Univision, NBC, and ABC. Even with a busy schedule he also teaches kids basic cooking lessons. " Mi comida tiene que tener 5 elementos; Dulce, Agridulce, Picoso, Suavecito y Crunchesito estos elementos son como la vida. Cuando se combinan es harmonia perfecta."
Chile en Nogada
Things you should know...
Requirements: Culinary Experience

Salary: It ranges because it all depends on restaurant sales and profit.

Risks: The main risk of opening a restaurant is failure and loss of money. You need to be dedicated and fully commited to your buisness. There will be no time for family and friends.

"No te des por vencido, aprende cosas nuevas y no te asustes al fracaso incluso con problemas concentrate en tu objetivo. "
-Chef Paco
Career Path to...
Chef/Restaurant owner
"Ser productivo y cocina con amor"
By: Amairani Martinez
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