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Copy of Mechanical Weathering

No description

Jessica Hinds

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mechanical Weathering

What Is A Mechanical Weathering
Mechanical weathering is broking down by the earths rocks and soils and the minerals through direct contact.
What Are Some Exampels of Meachanical
one example of mechanical weathering is rocks get smaller because of the cause of cooling and heating, and the rain. the rain breaks down the rocks.
What Is Mechanical Weathering
caused by
There are various causes of mechanical weathering is associate with the change of particles and ice wedge ,and wave and tumbling action in water
don't rainy days get you down
Mechanical Wethering
How can people influence
mechanical weathering
our second example is gravity and GLACIERS are all caused by EROSION which is a part of mechanical weathering.
How can people influence
chemical weathering?
They influence it by burning fossils fuels and pollution in the air which makes carbon dioxide.
How can people influence mechanical weathering
Usually weathering means a natural process but human activity can do as well. There are to types of weathering mechanical and physical.
what is chemical weathering
Chemical Weathering is the minerals in rocks formed beneath the surface it's Opposite forces with temperature and pressure conditions at time of their information and thus are quite stable.

The breaking down of rocks
how they in influence
Wikipedia (weathering)
interactive textbok pg 23 - 28
answer. com
yahoo answers.com
Tashianna Williams
Estefani Herrera
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