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Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Traits

No description

Wagmee Fernando

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Traits

Good Decision-Making Sense of Vision Gandhi wanted India's independence. Willingness to Act He tried to solve the conflict between India and Pakistan. Motivation Gandhi was very honest man.He never lied in his entire life. Handling Conflicts Gandhi was very good at resolving
conflict, and whenever he had to solve
a problem, it was always in a non-violent way. The Planks Of Leadership Mahatma Gandhi He wanted to help poor farmers and other oppressed individuals to protest against oppressive taxation & discrimination. He wanted to Liberate women and their rights. He wanted to educate his fellow
Indians. Although he was put in jail many times by English Government,He always went back to gain India's independence Even though he was attacked in South Africa His beliefs were a big influence of his decisions. Gandhi was Hindu. Avoiding Pitfalls Gandhi was not afraid to die. There had been
five assassination attempts against him. The 6th
try was sadly a success Gandhi was not afraid to be jailed,
because the British already had an eye
on him, he was jailed about 4 times. He led a March that was 200 miles long to the sea to collect salt to boycott the British government. While he was in jail, he protested the British Empire by going on hunger strikes. Whenever Gandhi made a mistake, he
would do a 21 day fast no matter how
his health was. Gandhi motivated the citizens to go on a salt march and corrupt british economic businesses. His main technique of motivation was compassion and understanding other people's problems. Gandhi used his very sensitive speeches to motivate people. He would always solve problems by
negotiating with the two fighting sides. Unfortunately, when he was trying to solve the conflict between India and Pakistan he got assassinated by a Pakistani male.
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