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AP World History HDI Assignment


Sadie B

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of AP World History HDI Assignment

Senegal... Is a Small Country Senegal has quite a small surface area of 196722 km which likely contributes to its low HDI Has a Low Enrollment Rate The school enrollment rate for women in Senegal is only 67% The school enrollment rate for men in Senegal is only 70% These school enrollment rates are both pretty low compared to other countries which likely contributes to the also low HDI seen in Senegal Has a Lower Population The population of Senegal is merely about 12 million which is also fairly low compared to other countries Is a Third World Country Being a third world country there is likely more of a focus on survival than developement in this country Has a Low GDP The GDP per capita for Senegal is 1,790 which is fairly low. Senegal also depends heavily on foreign assistance and tourism. Why Does Senegal Have A Low HDI?
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