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Text back disorder

No description

Aysha Al Muhairi

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Text back disorder

Reply text disorder

RTD involves one procrastinating about replying to a text or a message to look "cool".
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
or Text back disorder
Diagnostic Features



Not replying when you see the text might cause harm in relationships, especially if one was in need or one was in an emergency.
Not replying might cause the sender of message sadness and might cause lose of confidence.
Getting used to not replying where a big part of most relationships in our current time depend on social media and texting. It also can interfere with social functioning.
Having a severe case RTD might cause them to loose friends and opportunities.
Associated features
Individuals with RTD may often try to open message with out the other person knowing and reply late by choice. Like putting their phone on plane mode or going offline to read and reply hours or days later.
RTD might be associated with narcissism where the individual will try their best to be extremely selfish and crave for admiration.
Specific Culture & Gender Features
RTD is equally common amongst women and men although the most severe cases appear to be amongst women. RTD is more common in communities of young adults ranging between 13- 20 mostly.
Aysha Saleh AlMhairi 201407653
Diagnostic Criteria for RTD
A. Replying to texts late intentionally

B.Disorder impairs social or occupational functioning.

C. Not accounted by another disorder.
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