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Energy Balance

No description

Dafydd James

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Energy Balance

Energy Balance
Energy Balance
BMR = Minimal calorie requirement needed to sutain life
Factors that affect BMR
Age - Older = muscle tissue is lost and replaced with fat tissue

Amount of energy body would burn if you slept all day or rested for 24hrs
The same amount of ENERGY IN and ENERGY OUT over time = weight stays the same

More IN than OUT over time = weight gain More OUT than IN over time = weight loss

Body Size - Taller & Heavier = Higher BMR
Growth - Children & Pregnant Women = Higher BMR - WHY?
Body Composition - More muscle tissue = Increased BMR
More fat tissue = Lower BMR
Illness - Increased BMR = Body Temperature increased
Thyroxin - Thyroid Hormone regulates BMR
More thyroxin = Higher BMR
Use your BMR calculations to work out your calorie requirements for this week
Consider your activity levels each day & use 'Harris Benedict' Formula
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