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No description

Jonathan Bergmann

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of InteractiveFlippedPrezi

The Flipped Classroom: What's Next
What is the Flipped Class?
How would you define
the flipped class?
Flipped learning occurs when we move direct instruction from the group learning space to the individual learning space
What do you think would be the biggest hurdles to implementing the flipped classroom?
Administrators/Staff developers?
What have been your biggest struggles
as you have implemented the flipped class?
Administrators/Staff developers?
What are some of the key benefits
to flipped-learning?
What are some of the key benefits
to flipped-learning?
What support Structures do you think you need in place to prepare teachers for flipped learning?
What support do you wish you had from your school or district to help you with the flipped class?
What additional PD do you need to set up to facilitate Flipped Learning in your school?
More Information
What is the best use of your
face-to-face class time?
We have school backwards
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