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No description

Andrea Mudd

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of BMW

Bavarian Motor Works
Birthday: 1916
Hometown: Munich, Germany

Pursuing Status
Part of "German Big 3"
Mercedes Benz
Strategic Goals
Shaping the Future
Access to Technologies and Access to Customers

The Brand
Promote brand image
Increase conversion rates
Focus on stunning images of their vehicles
Key Objectives of Social Media Presence
Performance Evaluation
Current Social Media Presence
Social Media Strategy Analysis
Recent Campaigns
How is the fit?
More activity on Twitter and LinkedIn
Increased inbound traffic
Better search engine rankings
Richer customer service
Buzz Demographics
BMW leads in activity but lags in engagement
Superbowl 2015 Ads
Key Objectives of Company Website
Share technical details

Providing information to educate consumers

Improve consumer insights

Create higher brand authority
Key Objectives of YouTube Channel
Decrease marketing costs
Improve customer insights
Possible Key Objectives
Increased brand recognition
Improved brand loyalty
More opportunities to convert
Higher conversion rate
Improved customer insights
Higher brand authority
Decreased marketing costs
Increased inbound traffic
Better search engine rankings
Richer customer service
Who won the race?
SWOT Analysis
Active and consistent presence on all main social media platforms

Portray a brand image that is very appealing for the target audience
Low engagement on social media relative to competitors (do they want to engage..?)

Relatively small amount of followers on professional networks (e.g. LinkedIn)
Room for improvement on Twitter and LinkedIn

Continue focus on future and on sustainable energy (way to reach our generation that will soon- hopefully- be able to purchase these cars)

Increasing competition from Japanese luxury brands (ex. Lexus)

Rapidly changing social media environment- will a 'classic' brand such as BMW remain relevant?
Focus on promoting brand image and stunning images of vehicles -> Facebook & Twitter

Focus on increasing conversion rates -> LinkedIn
Super Bowl
Coldplay concert in BMW museum
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