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Liars Don't Qualify

Will is a young black man who want to vote so he waits at the court house, but Sam, a worker at the court house, will find any reason to force Will not to.

Dakota Voitcu

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Liars Don't Qualify

Liars Don't Qualify By Dakota Voitcu Will Harris Sam Charlie Charlie works with Sam and treats Will with disrespect. Charlie is mean and fat. Charlie doesn't believe in the 15th amendment. The only thing they have in common is that they both smoke. Sam is a loud and mean man. Who works at the court house. Unlike Will, Sam does not believe in Equal Rights. Will Harris is a young black man who wants to vote. He is legally aloud to because of the 15Th amendment. Will is asked millions of questions by Sam, a worker at the Court house. Will is smart and answers all but one right Will is strong willed and waits his turn even when a white man gets to go before him Sam does not treat Will as an equal, and leaves Will to wait until he feels like talking to him. The Court System Is Unfair. At this time It treats whites better than blacks.
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