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Manson Family Cult

No description

Holly Scott

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Manson Family Cult

Manson Family Cult
Charles Manson
Name: Charles Manson
date of birth: 12/11/1934 - now 78 years
gender: male
appearance: long black hair (now going grey), very pale skin with brown eyes. has a mustache and a beard.
what he has to do with the cult: Charles Manson was the leader of the Manson family cult and was a psychopath that manipulated people to join his cult and do whatever Charles wanted them to do.

Who was involved in the cult
The Manson Family Cult was made up of about 30 or 40 hippy youths and its creator and leader, Charles Manson. Not all the members are known however the ones who participated in the murders are the most recognized. The cult performed three main murders, The Hinman Murder, The Tate Murders and The Labianca murders.
What impact did Manson and his cult have on society?
In 1971 Manson was found guilty of the murders and put in jail for life, but even though he was gone his followers and cult still remained. On numerous account Manson's followers attempted to break Manson out of prison. This meant that high security was to be enforced in the California's Corcoran Prison, the prison where Manson was sent to.
what were the cults beliefs
The cult believed in a type of Armageddon. Armageddon is written in the bible to mean “The scene of a final battle between the forces of good and evil, prophesied to occur at the end of the world.” Mansons belief was that their would be a racial war called Helter Skelter. The coloured would be at war against non coloured, meanwhile the Manson Family would hide out in the desert. He then thought the coloured people would win and wipe out all others but find they could not govern themselves. At this point the Manson Family would re-emerge and be in power over the coloured people. The name Helter Skelter comes from a Beatles Song which Manson believed was about this war.
By Sylvia and Holly
Cult members
On June 15th 1970 the Tate/LaBianca murder trial took place. This trial was against Charles Manson, Charles Watson, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel for 7 counts of murder and 1 count of conspiracy. Leslie Van Houten was also on trial for 2 counts of murder and 1 count of conspiracy. In exchange for immunity against charge, Linda Kasabian chose to instead testify. All members were found guilty and sentenced to death. However the California Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in 1972 and instead enforced life time imprisonments. The defendants are serving these sentences in various different prisons in America.
Hinman Murder
Tate Murders
On August 9th 1969 Manson second murderous orders were issued. This time his victims were Abigal Folger, Wojciech Frykowski and a pregnant Sharon Tate. His motive for this murder was the house had previously been the Melcher residence that had turned down Manson musical compilations. Manson instructed Charles Watson, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasbian and Patricia Krenwinkel to go to the now Tate residence and “destroy everyone in it- as gruesome as you can.” After a violent struggle Abigal Folger was stabbed a total of 28 times by Krenwinkel and Watson. Wojciech Frywoski was stabbed in total 51 times by Watson. Pregnant Sharon Tate was stabbed in total 16 times by Susan Atkins. None of the victims survived.
This murder was carried out by Bobby Beausoleil, Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins on July 27th 1969. Gary Hinman was originally a friend of the Manson Family but after being scammed by the cult and subsequently threatening them he became and enemy. After being told that Hinman had recently inherited some money he became a target for Manson. Manson needed money to move himself and his cult to Spahn Ranch. Manson gave orders to Beausoleil, Brunner and Atkins to go to his house and persuade him to give them the money. After being held hostage for several days whilst being uncooperative Manson came and gave the orders to Beausoleil to kill him. Hinman was stabbed twice in the chest.
La Bianca Murders
Charles Manson was born as an unwanted child to a 16 year old mother in 1934 who was not at all responsible. Manson never knew his father and his irresponsible mother would leave him for days at a time on his own, or with complete strangers. Sometimes his mother would even traded her son for alcohol, but would always get him back at the end of the night. Charles suffered from rejection and neglect from his mother. He grew up always getting into trouble and by the age of 19 had been in and out of 7 boys homes and institutes.
Charles Manson mother -
Soon Manson started to manipulate people, in order to create a cult. He used drugs -LSD- on young people in order to exploit them to join his new and improved society. He said it would be a better life for them, but soon it would occur to the followers they were in this cult to kill. Manson made this murmuring cult due to his past. He hated society for the resentment he had as a child and craved power. He want to pay society back so created a cult to kill. His belief was that society had rejected, abandoning and made his childhood a misery, and he needed to pay society back for what they had done to him.
His followers beliefs were completely different from Charles Mansons beliefs. The followers did what Manson wanted because they believed he was a godly figure. Manson followers said that Manson pulled them in a made them feel like they were one with Manson and they felt that Manson could be whatever they wanted him to be. They did whatever Manson wanted because he had manipulated them into thinking he was everything and without him they would be nothing and have no one so they did whatever he wanted.
as you can see, Charles Manson has carved the cross in his head to symbolise Helter Skelter
Charles Manson had a significant impact on society.
To start with the cult had murdered numerous innocent people in society, causing others in society to become insecure about the security of their community. Society was encouraged to be careful at all times and to beware of Manson and his crew, disrupting their everyday routine, and having to adapt to the fact there was a psychotic killer on the loose. Charles Manson was known to be psychotic and attempting to find this psychotic criminal meant that the police force had to change their initial ways of dealing with criminals and adjust to the fact they were capturing a psychotic killer not just any murdering criminal This took time and money for the police force to do, in order to ensure a positive outcome would occur, when capturing Manson.
As said previously, in order for Manson to gain more followers, he had to manipulate people in society, this means that more and more people were slowly starting to join the Manson Family cult. The impact of this was that those people joining the cult we're slowly developing dangerous idea's that the cult could peruse and achieve, as they were outcasts of society and only ever saw and communicate with the cult members, not the outside world. The impact of this what that no one could tell the cult members they were doing wrong, creating a society with a morft sense of right and wrong.
The murders that the Manson family cult pursued were publicised regularly making people aware of who was in the cult and where they thought the members were located. Although this was a positive aspect there were also some negative impacts for televising the killings of the Manson family. Showing society that there was a murderous cult which had not yet been caught, put idea's into people's minds that they could also achieve what they believed they wanted, whether it was to do with power, rebellion or revenge, like Manson, the publicity could encouraged them to do stunts similar to the ones the Manson family committed, thinking they too could get away with it.
Charles Manson is still known in today's society, and the cult is still running, the only difference is that the leader is on jail. Charles Manson is still publicized and even features in an episode of 'Family Guy' a comedy cartoon. This shows us that Charles Manson is not yet forgotten and he and his cult still impacts our television in today's society.
we know this is Charles from the scars on his forehead.
Having the Nazi sign carved into our head shows that Charles wanted to go against what society wanted. It shows us that he really did hate society.
The day after the Tate murder, August 10th 1969 Manson once again made his violent orders. Unlike the other murders this time Manson came along with his fellow cult members as he felt the last murders had not caused enough panic. Accompanying him was Leslie Van Houten, Steve Grogan, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel and Charles Watson. The exact details of what happened in this crime, like the others, are unconfirmed however 4 people we killed. Leno Labiance was stabbed 26 times by Charles Watson. Rosemary was stabbed a total of 41 times by Watson, Van Houten and Krenwinkel.
Charles Watson
Susan Atkins
Linda Kasabian
Patricia Krenwinkel
Leslie Van Houten
Steve Grogan
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