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iPod 5, Why it's here.

No description

Rebecca Blair

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of iPod 5, Why it's here.

iPod touch 5
Here are some more pics, these aren't as pretty...
Cons (continued)
Now, breaking and losing is not my thing. I promise I will not lose or break it.
The End
Pros to having an iPod5:
I will have a way to contact you AND my friends
The cost is only $299 (Much less than an iPhone)
The monthly fee is ... there is none! The only thing you have to pay for is if I want to download music. Great, huh?
Pros (continued)
Okay, I know what your thinking. "No monthly fee? that's cra-cra! " Well, it true. Since the iPod can't make calls, you don't have to pay a monthly fee. The plan will be simple to. Since I only want unlimited texting & games, well that's not a lot. They also take great photos. With a special iSight camera they catch a lot of color and brightness.
You all know I want an iPhone, but you say I will lose it or it cost to much. I have found a solution. I can get a iPod5. Now, before you say "no", I have made this Prezi to show you the Pros and Cons of this problem. So, you ready?
iPod 5, Why it's here.
iPod touch 5
Here are some pictures.
Now the boring part, I get to tell you why I shouldn't get this.
I could break it
I could lose it
Thank You! I hope you take this into thought.
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