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Unit 6 - Sport Development

No description

Jonathon Hoare

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Unit 6 - Sport Development

Unit 6 - Sport Development
Assessment 3 - Barriers to Participation
Explain this?
What is it?
Example of stages?
Describe barriers to participation for individuals from three different target groups at different levels of the sports development continuum (P2)

Explain barriers to participation for individuals from three different target groups at different levels of the sports development continuum (M2)

Analyse the barriers to participation for individuals from three different target groups at different levels of the sports development continuum, providing effective and realistic solutions (D1)

In pairs come up with as many barriers to participation in sport as you can (2mins)
What is a barrier to participation?
Choose a sport you are currently participating in. Answer the following questions: 10mins
Are there any barriers that affect your participation in this sport at the moment?
What barriers do you think may affect your participation in this sport in the future, i.e. in 10 or 20 years time?
Compare your answers to those with the person next to you and highlight any similarities or differences

Religious beliefs
Knowledge (rare sports)
Can you think of any?
Social/friend groups
Not cool
Feelings of embarrassment or ineptness
Age differences
Family influences - angry dad
Cost of participation:-
Membership fees (White Horse Country Park Golf Course - £299/year)
Weekly subs
"Social Exclusion" - whole communities - do you know of any social exclusion communities?
Gender imbalance
Can you think of any?
to Participation
Bad experiences in school
Lack of facilities
Lack of choices of sports
Bad PE teachers
Target Groups:-
What is a target group?
What groups do you think fall into this category?
5mins pairs
Target Groups
Young people
Disabled people
Black and minority ethnic groups (BMEs
Female participation rates increased 2.57mil-2.81mil (12.3%-13.2%) (Sport England)
English woman sports teams have been more successful than men's
Increase in female sporting role models eg Jess Ennis
Disabled people
Disability discrimination act
Has increased acceptance, funding, sport-development schemes
Recent Paraolympic games viewing figures up (3.4billion watchers, increase of 37%) - bought increased awareness
More disabled role models
Black and Ethnic Minority Groups
BME population around 11mil England
Only 1 in 5 participate in PA
92% of South Asian woman don't participate in recommended levels of activity compared to 55% of all women
Racial discrimination incentives - do you know any?
What is a barrier to participation?
Name some barriers to participation
What is a target group?
What populations are target groups?
52 year old woman would like to take up tennis
No opportunities in area for her age range
Target group
More people than ever before in this age group
Key area for Sport England
Recession, fewer good pension schemes, people working to 65, greater need to stay fi
Barriers to
Knowledge barriers
Self perception that age may limit ability
Never played before
Practical barriers
Little opportunity in area for her age range
Travel costs
Young People
Young people that are introduced to PA at a young age are more likely to continue this through life and the S.D continuum
Youth Sport Trust (YST) focuses on young people (18months-18 years, both genders, mixed abilities, disabled) by providing the resources necessary to participate in PA
Think about the five target groups:-
Using the internet see if you can find any sport initiatives, schemes, or sport development programs that encourage the participation of PA/sport for each target groups
Think about where each target group might fit on the sport development continuum
Use the handout to assist you
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