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Sentence: The Complex Sentence Simplified

Writing the Complex Sentence

David Keck

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Sentence: The Complex Sentence Simplified

Compound Sentences are Different... Punctuating a simple sentence is easy, but compound sentences need a conjunction and a comma. Capitalize only the first sentence. Use a comma where the first period used to be.... For
Not But
So Compound Sentence Conjunctions: FANBOYS , . Add variety. Use Compound Sentences Powerful and easy, complex sentences give the writer a world of flexibility. Just take two simple sentences and connect them with a linking word from the huge list of “subordinating conjunctions.” The linking word doesn’t even have to be in the middle. The Complex Sentence You only need one CAPITAL. Connect with a conjunction. You don’t need a comma when the linking word is between the original sentences. You only need one period. Complex sentences are easy although they sound a little scary. First Sentence Linking Word Second “Sentence”
I want this car because it’s got a spoiler.
I bought this house although it does need work.
Milk comes out of my nose whenever I laugh.
His new car exploded even though he was a mechanic. Sample Complex Sentences Subordinating conjunctions connect complex sentences. There is a huge number of subordinating conjunctions, and this gives complex sentences a big advantage. You can make very precise connections between ideas. before
even if
even though
if only
in order that
now that
rather than since
so that
whenever after
as if
as long as
as though
because Conjunctions for Complex Sentences Complex Sentences are Everywhere Although you may not have heard of complex sentences, people use them all the time. Every child has heard sentences like: Until you eat your vegetables, you can’t have dessert.
After you finish your homework, you can go out to play.
As long as you live under my roof, you will obey my rules! These are all complex sentences. Reversing the Complex Sentence The second big advantage of the complex sentence is that you can reverse it. Your linking word can come first. (Note: This is the only time “because” can start a complete sentence). The only thing to remember is the comma between the two linked sentences. Because I can reverse this sentence, you know it's complex. When it makes sense, start with the linking word (subordinating conjunction). When the linking word starts the sentence, you need a comma. Conjunction & First “Sentence” Second Sentence
Because it’s got a spoiler, I want this car.
Although it does need work, I bought this house.
Whenever I laugh, milk comes out of my nose.
Even though he was a mechanic, his new car exploded. Sample Sentences Reversed Sentence + Subordinating Conjunction + Sentence. Complex Sentence Subordinating Conjunction + Sentence + Comma + Sentence. "Sentences are easy when you know the rules." "When you know the rules, sentences are easy." Remember: The Complex Sentence
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