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Top 10 Weirdest Jobs in the World

No description

Terri Dobbins

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Top 10 Weirdest Jobs in the World

Some other Weird Jobs
Dog Yoga Teacher
Top 10 Weirdest Paying Jobs in the World
By: Terri Dobbins
Did you ever wonder who cleans up the vomit at amusement parks? Probably not, but now you know that there is a specific job that focuses on cleaning up the vomit when people get sick on rides.
Fortune cookie writing is a job too! This job mostly includes translating ancient pieces of Chinese wisdom into English. Since the fortune cookie business has been going on for so long, they are in need of more original writers.
An odour tester makes sure that deodorants, and antiperspirants are working properly. This includes smelling the underarms of the test subjects to make sure they do not have any body odour.
A professional zombie is in fact a real paying job. Since there are so many zombie movies that are out right now, zombie extras are needed to be in the background.
#4: Vomit Collector
#2: Fortune Cookie Writer
#5: Paint Drying Monitor
Maybe you will end up being a lawyer or even a doctor, but for now I have created a list of what I think the top 10 weirded jobs in the world are. Some of these jobs you might have not even known existed until now.
You know the expression "I'd rather Watch paint dry"? Well now you can! You can even get paid to do it too!
It turns out that watching paint dry is an actual job. A paint drying monitor makes sure that paint dries quickly and does not chip easily after it has been manufactured.
#10: Pet Food Technologist
Number ten on the list of the top ten weirdest jobs is a pet food technologist. A pet food technologist is basically a pet food tester. Pet food cannot be sold in stores if it has not been tested to see if it is safe. This is where the pet food technologists come in. They smell and taste the animal food to determine if it is high-quality. They also record the result of the food, regarding the taste, smell and nutritional content.
Thousands of games in the world use dice, especially many gambling games. In the world of gambling it is essential that dice have the correct proportions, center of gravity, and amount of dots, so it does not change the outcome of the game. A company who produces sabotaged dice can be sued. For this reason dice inspectors are needed to check each dice carefully to make sure they are perfect.
#8: Presidential Poison Taster
#7: Professional Sleeper
Professional Whistler
Chicken Sexer
Shark Tank Cleaner
Have you ever wondered what you want to be when you grow up?
#1: Odour Tester/Armpit Sniffer
#3: Human Scarecrow
Egg Smeller
Furniture Tester
Political leaders, such as Barack Obama, and some business tycoons have somebody who travels with them and samples their food, making sure it hasn't been poisoned or tampered with.
If you like to sleep, here is the perfect job for you. Imagine getting paid to sleep all day, while researchers monitor your brain activity, and dreams. New hotels also seek professional sleepers to try out their rooms before they open up to the public.
#6: Professional Zombie
Human scarecrows get paid to sit in a farmer's field and scare crows away whenever they come around.
#9: Dice Inspector
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