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Meme Match

January 英GO Prezi on Meme Culture

Stephanie Struble

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Meme Match

memes Gangnam
Style Insanity Wolf Courage Wolf Advice Dog High expectations
Asian father Fail Bad Advice Cat engrish ermahgerhd! Meme: (meishi) (mi-mu)
A Meme is a funny idea in internet culture.
Memes change, but the best memes become more and more popular. They are Evolving Pop Culture. Fail:
When a big and clear mistake is made Advice Dog:
gives advice with bad logic, with a smile. Erhmagerhrd!: Extreme Excitement. From, Oh my god! It is slurred Awkward penguin Awesome penguin A meme is: A picture + Words Engrish: funny translations of Japanese or Chinese to English Socially Awkward Penguin:
A penguin that is always caught in awkward situations. Socially Awesome Penguin:
Opposite of Awkward Penguin, everything he does is a success. Do Want/
Do Not Want High Expectations Asian Father:
It must be perfect.
And it is You. Gangnam Style: Words or dances related to the catchy Korean Song by Psy. Insanity Wolf: Everyday Situation, crazy response. Courage Wolf: Sees everything as an act of courage or facing difficulty. He is the bravest. Do Want/ Do not want: Often Animals reacting to things with the Simple sentence, Do not want or do want. Bad Advice Cat:
Gives worse advice then Bad advice puppy. Because he is a cat...
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