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Geography of the Oregon Trail

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Bryce Sabourin

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Geography of the Oregon Trail

Geography of the Oregon Trail
The Rocky Mountains
Getting through these mountains was a very big geographical accomplishment. Many wagons broke and people died of exhaustion getting through them. It was very rough terrain.

When people got through the mountains they signed their names in stone, as an token they made it through.
People on the trail could run into animals that are potentially dangerous or poisonous.

Also, plants could be dangerous, or a help with meals. The settlers had to know their surroundings to get through them safely.

Sometimes animals died on the trail from the conditions and the wagon then had no more support.
Physical Obstacles
Settlers had to get through all terrain while moving west.

They had to face weather conditions including rain, heat, snow and storms.

They also had to travel around harsh objects like river, and the Rocky Mountains.
Reason to Move West
Oregon had a lot fertile soil that the location gave them. A lot of settlers went there for the better farming soil.

Farming was a very common occupation back then, so having good soil to farm on could really benefit settlers.
By: Bryce
Animals Plants on the Trail
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