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Bless Me, Ultima

No description

Garrett Cardenas

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Bless Me, Ultima

Bless Me, Ultima
The importance of moral independence
-Antonio's main journey is finding his moral independence is problematic in the way that his religious opinions leads him to make his own decisions and the confidence to back up that decision.

-Antonio keeps on having the same dream over and over again about him watching his own birth and his brother

Significant Quotes
Rudolfo Anaya
- Born in Pastura, New Mexico on October 30, 1937
- Was the 8th of 10 children
- Moved town to town
- Considering of many philosophical questions about life and human existence
- Lived in a self subsistence economy by wage labor market
Bless me, Ultima
"Good is always stronger than evil"said by ultima talking to antonio about the curses of the three witches.
-A semi autobiography of Anaya's life

-Culture and Livelihood
Rudolfo Anaya cont.
Bless Me, Ultima cont.
-Antonio uses his family to shape his identity and gain knowledge about his future.


-He uses his religous and academic knowledge to help him shape his future and form a path for himself.
- Mexican Heritage.
- Historical Background
- 1692 Spanish conquering
- New Mexico Community
- Along Highway 66
- Rio Grande
Owl- Symbolizes Ultima's wisdom and
Knowledge also her life force and religious mysticism.

-He gets taught by Ultima how moral independence can never be answered by one religion and can never answer life's biggest questions.
Themes cont.
The Virgin of Guadalupe- represents forgiveness, understanding, and the end of cultural conflict.
Symbols cont.
Themes cont.
- Influence of Culture on Identity
The Golden Carp- represents a magical religion seperate from Catholicism

Symbols cont.
- Conflicting cultural traditions

- Antonio searches for an answer to his questions

Themes cont.
- Ultima teachings to Antonio

- Clash of multiple cultures
Motif cont
I guess if anyone is going to fit into their dreams it's going to have to be you, Tony. Just don't grow up too fast" Said by Andrew when talking to tony about their parents.
"We need to get the hell out of here this hick town is killing me" said by Eugene just after the three brothers got back really tearing Antonio's heart right in half.

sig. quotes cont.
Themes cont.
The Loss of Innocence-

- Antonio Loses innocence throughout the book as he learns more about the world

Motifs cont.
- Tolerance and Understanding
- Ultima
-Lupito's murder causes Antonio to think about sin and punishment.

-Narcisco's murder strengthens Antonio's ability to be a priest and makes him question his morals.

Themes cont.
Themes cont.
Good and evil-

-Antonio struggles to figure out the difference between good and evil as the story progresses and why both sides exist.
-Golden carp makes Antonio question his religion.

Themes cont.
Sig. Quote
" Knowledge does not always come quickly" said by Ultima do to Antonio asking a lot of questions, teaching him patience.
Themes cont.
-Narsisco's death makes Antonio question why the good are punished and the bad are left unharmed

-Antonio wishes for a forgiving god like the Virgin but wants evil to be punished contradicting his ideas.
Themes cont.
-Ultima's actions make her questioned by the people for witchcraft when she saved a life by taking two more.
How to read like a Professor Quotes
"Every story about the loss of innocence is really about someone's private reenactment of the fall from grace, since we experience it not collectively but individually and subjectively."

"Oh, I think, it isn't just a twentieth-century problem, this business of brothers having trouble with each other and of young men stumbling and falling; it's been going on since forever."

Significant quotes cont.
"Oh, I think, it isn't just a twentieth-century problem, this business of brothers having trouble with each other and of young men stumbling and falling; it's been going on since forever."

Quotes cont.
"The thing about loss-of-innocence stories, the reason they hit so hard, is that they're so final. You can never go back."

How to Read like a Professor Quotes cont.
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