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No description

damian long

on 14 June 2015

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WELLNESS CENTER that prevents, treats and rehabilitates.
Mission: Enriching the quality of life is our passion

Vision: To be a national leader, dedicated to professional excellence, in creating a synergistic wellness environment that compels people to be the best they can be

TAK is a new life center being launched that will support a comprehensive approach to health and well-being for all. This is a unique facility, unlike any other in the country. It aligns, health, fitness, therapy and counseling into a single, forward thinking building, creating a focal point for inspiring lifelong healthy behaviors. This facility will be a national leader in providing not only highly effective health and wellness services, but new opportunities for learning and community outreach.

To accomplish this, the life center staff crafted a plan that will:
Identify and address health and wellness needs of our guest.
Support guest health, learning, and lifestyle.
Create an environment that embraces and promotes

Generate a 90% occupancy in first year.
Increase market penetration every quarter.
Continue to cultivate the center’s image as the premier long-term wellness provider.

The single objective is to position TAK as the most proficient wellness center in the California area. The marketing strategy will seek to develop customer awareness regarding the services offered, develop the customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty.

Clinic 5 Forces
Business Model
Business Plan
- P&L Sheet
- Profitability Sheet
Brand Positioning Concept
New concept
Improving and maintaining quality of life
Alternative, modern, futuristic and revitalizing
Professional staff
Unique capabilities and capacities of life coaches

Cost of operation
No specific specialisation
Uncertainty of new concept
Knowledge of local area

New concept therefore room for development
Expansion opportunities
Technological developments

Competitors with similar or cheaper alternatives
Location changes to law and regulations
Natural disasters

The mission of TAK is to bring preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions to people. We believe in providing essentials for a healthy body, both on the inside and the outside, using environment and psychological instruments to prevent illnesses and to allow users to TAK e responsibility for their health.
Services & Facilities

Holistic care
Western medicine
Physiological therapy
Drug therapy
Trainings in motivation and self-confidence
Personal fitness training
Nutrition classes and counseling
Therapeutic massage
Kids education groups
Garden with a grass to walk bare foot
Swimming pool and a steam room
Aquarium 360 degrees
Small “zoo” - elephants, birds, etc.
Play ground and space for kids
California: Mediterranean climate with pleasant winters and warm summers.
one of the richest and most diverse parts of the world
the most endangered ecological communities.
The state boasts several superlatives in its collection of flora: the largest, oldest and tallest trees.
Solar power (self sustaining environment)
Electrical cars only across the space
Agronomical and cozy furniture
It should look like a huge campus with different building with plants, water, etc. This is the space that lives its own life, changes and interact with people.

SMELL: vanilla, sea breeze
SEE: pieces of fine art, water, green trees, blue sky
LISTEN: sounds of the nature, classical music, laugh,
TOUCH: natural materials,
FEEL: safe, warm, sunny
Sponsorship of marathon, carnival and other healthy and happy events.
Partnership with eco-conscious innovative companies.
Ambassadors in faces of stars.
Background of Principal Partners
Strategy based on
our capabilities of our capacities
Dane – drive
Xenia – coach
Katrin – communication
Damian – harmony
Tinu – Balance
Saad – motivation
Patti – positive thinking

Hours of operation: Open 24/7

Receptionists will meet guests and explain the concept and the principles of the center work.

Every activity will have its own schedule integrated in the work of the whole center. Access to the main facilities will be unlimited.

Guests will have an easy way of communication with center operators via App. The App will always let the customer be online and aware that the TAK cares of him

Membership provides the guests with the access to all the services and activities and members have to attend and perform the minimum attendance in order to receive a free treatment in case they got sick.
Membership – place where they can improve their lifestyle

Out target
Companies (who will be interested in healthy employees and pay a part of the fees)
Governments (who is interested in the wealthy and productive nation will provide the center with the support and citizens with part of the fees covered)
The personnel for TAK will consist of the sport trainers, massagists, doctors, physicians, therapists, physiologists, dietologists, kids nannies and teachers.

Additional staff will consist of receptionists, phone and online operators, cleaning stuff, gardener, zoologist.

The independent contractors will be: pool service, aquarium service.

Each will be responsible for their equipment and supplies.

Membership cost $1000/month
One day visit: $50
Membership can be leveled.
People who own an electric car and their family members will have a discount.
Kids under school age are joining the center for free.
Packages for companies and companies pay to let their employees to be members.

Ages between 18 and 44, 90 percent white people, english spoken, and also Hispanic/Latino population living in California, High annual household incomes and 10% foreigners interested about illness prevention specially europeans and asians.

TAK is a Holistic and preventive medical center with alternative medicine, and its main competitors would be Global medical centers such as Cleveland clinic, Johns Hopkins and Mayo clinic, Alternative medicine centers and Ambulatory Health care services.
Customer are looking for high quality products and services, compassionate medical care, and a comprehensive evaluation with timely, efficient assessment and treatment. Customers will be looking for illnesses prevention, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Looking for doctors who listen patients, comfort, tidiness, excellent care, effectiveness, good attention for family members, Holistic health and information technology. Also patients looking for an ecologically clean environment through self-sustaining ecosystem, relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Reflecting the founders’ vision of “striving to be the world's leader in patient experience, clinical outcomes, research and education. Provide first class services, high-quality patient care, respect, compassion, integrity, healing, teamwork, excellence, innovation, stewardship.

The clinic will count with advanced technology, and a Care team composed of excellent professionals. We will have a research center incorporated which aims to investigate, analyse and monitor our treatments and share our different approaches in order to public succesful results to encourage loyalty in patients.
Focus on experience where the need of the patient come first.
Dedicated to start innovation and wellness
Increasing doctors entering the clinician field, high capital required (300k$ min), potential limitation in the access to equipment, high regulation standards. There is a potential growth from new entrants delivering good quality, human premium service


Threat of new entrants
Oligopoly on medicine & equipment driven by company brand identity. Price is relatively fixed but management impacts competition rules. Specialists can negotiate with clinics


Bargaining power of suppliers
Alternative medicine, self-medication on minor illness distorts patients perception, online and direct contact with professionals and advice from other bodies (pharmacies, insurance companies, etc.) give new opportunities


Threat of substitutes
Internet provides higher level of information, however a certain uniformity in prices vs. service & location. Urgence and seriousness of illness / request for treatment has an impact on bargaining power

Bargaining power of buyers
Fragmented market, organized according to ownership (private vs. public) and activities (specialists, generalists). Low level of differentiation, however reputation of specialists and certain clinics plays a role, associated with price relative to labour cost and government potential subsidies


Rivalry among existing competitors
Value and Personality
Business plan
Marketing Objectives
Claudia – thinker/actor
Damalie – activism
Jonathan – understanding
Cristen – observant
Liliana – helping
Issa – creativity
William - ambition


Revenue Streams
“your health is our wealth”
Reasons to Believe
Competitive Environment
Consumer Insight
Project budget
Constructrion & fittings will cost approx $1 billion

Cost of land: $204,800,000
(based on current price of land in California $256 per sq metre)

Other costs approx 10,000,000
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