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on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of --------------Sleet----------------

By:Daniel Gutierrez
Period 6

Sleet is very interesting because it is like rain and snow mixed together or frozen snow. I chose Sleet because i like snow.
Sleet is rain and snow mixed, snow that partially melts as it falls. I will discuss how sleet forms and some fun facts.
Sleet forms
when your in weather and it is raining and snowing at the same time but is not below freezing then sleet can form. You want to be careful driving in sleet it may cause you car to slide off the road.

Sleet is generally a cold weather event, but without a layer of warmth, it cant form. During a storm, with the uprising of air, ice crystals form in the cold cloud tops. These ice crystals bounce off each other, forming snowflakes. Once the snowflake is too heavy to be held up by the uprising air, it begins to fall earthward. If the entire journey down is cold enough (below freezing), the snowflake would stay intact and land as snow. However, sometimes, there is a warm "pocket" of air under the cloud. As the snowflake falls it hits the warmer air and begins to melt into water. If the water droplet now clears the warmer air, and returns into sub-freezing temperatures, it will refreeze into an ice pellet, or sleet
Table of contents
Conclusion/Fun Facts
People can get trapped at home
without utilities, or other services.
Sleet occurs anywhere the temperature near
the surface is near the freezing point, and precipitation is falling.
Fun facts
Sleet is a mixture of rain and snow. IT is not light
and fluffy like a snow flake

Recreational activities such as snowball fights, tobogganing and making snowmen are also popular in the

Sleet can lower visibility, making driving conditions dangerous.

I hope you liked my prezi about Sleet. I really enjoyed spending my time to make this prezi for you guys this was
really interesting learning about sleet and knew things
I did not know before so thats good bye.
1.Sleet is mixture of_____?
2.Is sleet dangerous?
3.How does sleet form?
4.What is one thing you can
do to protect yourself?
How to get ready for sleet
To protect your self from sleet you need:
1.A flashlight and batteries
2.Something to keep yourself warm
3.Food and water for people also pets
4.Make sure your not wet
5.Have a cellphone or smartphone to call for help
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