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L.Neil Prezume


Lindsey Neil

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of L.Neil Prezume

Diploma -
Hearing Instrument
Make Your
Lindsey Neil
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There are 3 things you can't teach a person:
Passion, the Art of Personal Connection and Creativity
Grant McEwan University
University of Waterloo
University of Leicester, England
Dale Carnegie
Performance Plus
Online Professional Development Units
Introduction to Business Fundamentals and Building Teams that Work
Mastering Public Speaking
Professional Sales Skills
Six Sigma - Total Quality Applications
Edmonton, AB
Online - Professional Development Units
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
The value of the ability to Win Others Over and that I am naturally skilled at it.
My favorite realization:
Collage of
Educational Experience
"One pound of learning requires 10 of common sense to apply"
Managing Customer Expectations
Determine the expectations of customers
Leverage the Pygmalion effect in your customer service and sales settings
Use the 9 sure-fire approaches to exceeding customer expectations
Hold crucial "setting expectations" conversation with your customers
Use the seven principles for setting expectations
Follow a consistent and effective process to manage customer expectations
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"A head for business,
a heart for the world"
2010 - ongoing
Client focused consultative relationship building and sales training.
"Enthusiasm is the most powerful engines of success." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
International Hearing Society
"A sale is not something you pursue. It's what happens to you while you are completely immersed in serving your customer"
Professional Affiliations
Canadian Hearing Instrument
Practitioners Society
Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario
Member in good standing since 2007
A professional, non-profit organization that ensures it's members demonstrate the highest industry standards and practices of testing, counseling, selection and fitting of hearing instruments
Member in good standing since 2007
To support Hearing Instrument Practitioners on a national, provincial, and individual level in order to sustain, promote and develop this profession so that all Hearing Instrument Practitioners provide the highest level of professional competency, business integrity, and excellence in serving the hearing impaired.
Member in good standing since 2006
The International Hearing Society (IHS) is a membership association that represents hearing healthcare professionals worldwide.
Work Experience:
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Responsible for achievement of clinic team and individual goals
Grew annual sales by a minimum of 10% annually
Maintained the highest Average Selling Price (ASP) in the organization
Finished in the Top Five HHCPs for 2011 and 2012 (based on ASP, conversion ratio and lowest return rate)
Assessing client needs through pre-test interviews, full audiological examinations and professional assessment of client barriers (physical and lifestyle) recommending, fitting and counseling client on hearing aids
Maintaining up-to-date knowledge on current technology (aids, features, benefits, software, fitting and verification techniques)
Continue professional development on consultative relationship building, client relations and high performance organizational development
Track and analyze client relationship building and sales outcomes in detail
Establish and build on existing physician relationships with personal communication and on-site visits
Create and conduct community presentations on behalf of the organization
Flexible in traveling to multiple locations on a volunteer basis
6 years experience
Hear for Life (Corperate Environment)
St.Thomas Hearing Clinic (Independent)
"During the time Lindsey and I worked together, I found her to be a communications ninja! She's results driven and this was proved via the tremendous sales growth she achieved in her tenure. Lindsey would be an asset to any team!"
-Tiffany Landon - Owner, St. Thomas Hearing Clinic
-Carol Burns, Client Care Manager - Hear for Life
"Go the extra mile. It's never crowded"
"Lindsey is the very definition of a people person. Her drive, zest for success and comprehensive knowledge of the hearing industry is invaluable. As a member of my team, her strategic insight and ability to connect were instrumental in her success. She also brings together a rare set of skills & experience within the hearing healthcare profession. Lindsey sets the bar for client care/sales contribution balance. If you are presented with the opportunity to work with her, grab it"
-Lisa Martin, CEO - Hear for Life
"Lindsey is a competent and compassionate professional with impeccable ethics. She took great pride in her work and was constantly seeking ways to grow and develop her skills and knowledge as well as opportunities to make the business more productive and profitable."
"Lindsey has a tremendous work ethic, incredible passion developing valuable relationships with clients, a positive attitude, and was viewed as a great resource by the team. Lindsey is very knowledge hungry and has a holistic vision for generating sales growth.'"
-Vince Hanson, Owner - Performance Plus
Clinic Manager
St.Thomas Hearing Clinic (independent)
Hear for Life (Corporate)
4 years experience
Contributed to an increase in overall sales by an average of 65% annually
In-depth involvement of clinic marketing and relationship building to:Drive traffic to the clinics
Generate new sources of business
Increase the volume of viable hearing tests
Analyze client visits to help clients to make purchase decisions sooner and with more confidence
Decrease the number of Tested Not Sold(TNS) through proactive client contact programs
Generate positive referrals
Attend and participate in trade shows to increase traffic to the clinics
Maintain detailed clinic reports (sales, traffic, marketing, recalls)
Manage and schedule staff of four
Peace of Mind Charitable Foundation
Established 2012
Benefiting Children's Mental Health Initiatives
Peace of Mind is a registered charity that I developed in hopes of raising awareness to children's mental health issues, provide support for those children and their families and stomp out the stigma attached to mental illness. It's a very personal cause to me, yet very prevalent in the world. Upon our own journey, we discovered the awareness, care, and resources were seriously lacking for such a ubiquitous concern. In order to combat mental illness with success, there is a great deal of change required.
By sharing our journey and reaching out to other families who may be facing the same struggles, we hope to start conversations and help lead them in the right direction to healing and better mental health for the child they care so much about. And by assisting in the education of the public, we hope to eradicate the shame felt by the children afflicted with mental illness and the inaccurate judgement made by society towards them.
My Favourite BooK:
Start With WHY by Simon Sinek
My "WHY", my reason for getting out of bed everyday and have a fire in my belly for the work I do or want to do is
"To evoke the best, noblest, and truest professional skills in you; to enable you and your business to reach past mediocrity and into remarkable success and limitless potential for excellence in every opportunity."
"If you hire people just because they can do the job, they'll work for the money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they'll work for you with blood and sweat and tears." - Simon Sinek
Lindsey Neil is a consummate professional. Her passion, integrity, and dedication to sales excellence makes her a invaluable asset to any company!"
-Katty Herrera, former colleague/HHCP with Hear for Life
"Lindsey is dynamic, professional, courteous, and motivated!"
- Aaron Lee, National Practice Solutions Manager, Phonak
Western Unversity
(Bachalors Management and Organizational Studies)
Freelance Consultant
Sales & Service Consulting
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