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Ancient Japan

No description

Ashante Mourgan

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan Food Ancient Japan! By: Mourgan Banks & Ashante Love! Rice played a part in common foods back in Ancient Japan. Rice was and has been the main staple of the traditional diet in Japan. Rice is eaten with almost every meal in Japan. Ancient Japan Technology! Before the 200's BCE, Japan was
very sparsely populated with people who were still using stone tools and living by hunting, fishing and gathering food that grew wild. Ancient Japan Clothing! During the Kamakura period women began wearing robes, along with veils and robes worn over the head. Ancient Japan clothing was influenced by Chinese clothing. Ancient Japan Housing! In ancient Japan, there were essentially 2 types of houses. One was a pit dwelling house and the second was built with the floor raised above the ground. The style of house with an elevated floor is said to have come to Japan from Southeast Asia and was used to store grains and other foods so that they wouldn't spoil from the heat and humidity. Ancient Japan Government! Ancient Japan's government was a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government.
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