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English 10 Short Story Unit

No description

Emily Ross

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of English 10 Short Story Unit

Short Story Unit English 10 Feb. 4 - Mar. 1 2013 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Introduction Introduction & Expectations Icebreakers Why study English? Snapshot Into History To The Library! 'Ashes for the Wind' - Hernando Tellez... What's it about? Think. Pair. Share Vocabulary Review Who am I?
Hand out of expectations
Hand out seating plan chart to fill in
- this may be changed at any time at my
discretion Getting to know you
Yarn activity Brainstorm on board as a class "Oh, Lizzy! do anything rather than marry without affection." - Jane Bennet to Elizabeth Bennet
- Pride & Prejudice
- Written by Jane Austen
- 1813 “I want to yell so loud that Baby Girl can hear me that dirty ain't a color, disease ain't the Negro side a town. I want to stop that moment from coming - and it come in ever white child's life - when they start to think that colored folks ain't as good as whites. ... I pray that wasn't her moment, Pray I still got time.” - Abileen
- The Help
- Written by Kathryn Stockett
- 2009 "Trenches, hospitals, the common grave - there are no other possibilities." - Paul
- All Quiet on the Western Front
- Written by Erich Maria Remarque
- 1929 Read the title.
Read the italicized print.

Talk to the person next to you. Answer the following questions. Be prepared to share with a larger group.

What do we know?
What can we figure out without reading further?
What do you think might happen? Why? Get into a group of 4 and discuss this further. Try to reach a consensus for what you think will happen. Select one or two spokespeople to tell the rest of the class what you think will happen. Get a piece of paper out.
On it fill out the following...

- Name
- What do you like to read? This may include books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, etc...
- What was the last book you read?
- What do you like to do outside of school?
- One interesting fact about you. Yarn activity:

When the yarn is passed to you (the person must say your name when they pass it)

Say your name & one of the answers that you filled out on your piece of paper... Here's a reminder....

- What do you like to read? This may include books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, etc...
- What was the last book you read?
- What do you like to do outside of school?
- One interesting fact about you. Get into groups of 4.

In the middle of the room you will see a box. This box contains the definitions to the words on your piece of paper.

With your group of 4, you must match the definition to the word associated with it. Once you are done matching all the words on your piece of paper, inform me, check if they are right, and get the next piece of paper. See how many you can finish.


You must only have one person going to get the definition at a time and the same person CANNOT go twice. Inside
(the red one) 'Ashes for the Wind' & Purpose 'Ashes for the Wind' - Hernando Tellez Purpose Vocabulary List Crossword Article Hunt 'Ashes for the Wind' & Purpose ctd... 'The Tell-Tale Heart' & Conflict 'The Tell Tale Heart' & Conflict ctd... 'The Vinyl Cafe - Toilet Training the Cat' & Plot 'The Vinyl Cafe - Toilet Training the Cat' & Plot ctd... 'North End Faust' & Character 'Never' & Setting 'The Doll's House' & Point of View 'The Doll's House' & Point of View ctd... 'A Bolt of Cloth' & Irony & Symbol 'A Bolt of Cloth' & Symbol & Irony ctd... 'The Possibility of Evil' & Theme & Interpretation 'The Possibility of Evil' & Theme & Interpretation ctd... Bias & Audience Review Present Articles & Changes Create 'How To' Brochure Gallery Walk 'Ashes for the Wind' & Purpose Reflection 'The Tell-Tale Heart' - Edgar Allen Poe Conflict Shortz - 'The Tell-Tale Heart' Graffiti - Different Examples of Conflict in Real Life Jeopardy 'The Tell-Tale Heart' & Conflict Reflection Draw to Determine Assignment Due Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 - Who?
- Where?
- When?
- What is going on?
- Why is it happening?
- What do you think? With your group of 3, find an article from the pile that appeals to you..

Part 1...
What is the author's purpose behind writing the article (eg. entertainment vs. revealing life)
Highlight or underline the following:
- Who is involved
- Where the action is taking place
- When the action is taking place
- The best 1-2 sentences that describe what is going on

Part 2
Write a summary in paragraph format of what you underlined/highlighted and what it is about.
This should be no longer than 2/3 of a page.
YOU WILL BE HANDING THIS IN AT THE END OF CLASS Juan Martinez Son of Simon Arevalo Carmen Martinez Don Romulo Linares Benavides Baby Laura Arevalo Simon Arevalo Mayor Policeman Juan's wife
"They'll have to kill us." - p. 15 Juan & Carmen's child
"Everyone did his duty," p. 18 Shop owner in town
Another 'resistor'
"Benavides made him a sign to keep quiet." p. 16 Protagonist
"one of the Reds" p. 17
Knows many & is well known
"There always had to be a winner
and a loser" p. 16 Married to Simon
Dead Friend of Juan's Political informant
"And Simon Arevalo's son was not too clear about it in his own mind" p. 15
Never learn his name Store owner
Doesn't sell Juan the oil Makes a brief appearance outsides Don Romulo's store to check on how it went with Juan and his family Drunk on brandy
Threatens townsfolk
"The whip-carrying policeman was having the time of his life," p. 18 Quotable Quotes "It would be best for you to clear out," p. 13 THEN "You'd better clear out," p. 15
"And Simon Arevalo's son was not too clear about it in his own mind in spite of the fact that he was now hand in glove with the authorities, doing their dirty work for them." p. 15
"They'll have to kill us." p. 15
"There always had to be a winner and a loser," p. 16
"They had refused to sell him oil," p. 16
"he's one of the Reds." p. 17
"But he's one of the quiet ones, I know him," p. 17
"hand in glove" p. 17
"an informer that had the advantage of knowing everyone for five, maybe ten leagues around." p. 17
"Yes, it's five. It's going to be a nice day," p. 18
"Everyone did his duty," p. 18
"A huge Roman candle." p. 18
"... who had come along to bear witness as to whether Juan Martinez had cleared out or put up a resistance." p. 18 When considering the purpose of a story we must think about the motivation of the... Characters - why are they acting in that specific way?
Author - what is the author trying to say? Is the focus intended to inform, persuade, entertain (or some combination) the reader?
Reader - why are you reading this story? What is your background? How might this affect your perception of the story? Stories are often written for TWO main purposes Entertainment Reveal life Focus is placed on plot & conflict
Suspense and/or humour are often used Focus is placed on theme & character
The story often gains depth as characterization is developed Words to define... Audience
Dialogue Drama
Suspense By this point you have all participated in recognizing the purpose behind an article & have re-written it for your own purpose.

Think about the articles that were presented as well as their re-writes. In groups of 4, you are going to create a 'how to' brochure. This brochure should have the following categories:

Do's & Don'ts of changing the purpose of an article (3 of each) - if you could do it over what advice would you give yourselves?

3 people to consider their motivation (hint, we discussed this yesterday)

A definition of purpose (what does it mean to you in 1-3 sentences)

A brief summary about each article in your group & how it was changed. SILENTLY wander around the room. There will be time for discussion after. - Who?
- Where?
- When?
- What is going on?
- Why is it happening?
- What do you think? Who? Narrator
Old man (father?) & his eye
3 policemen Where? Primarily in the old man's bedchamber When? Decides to kill the old man then... 8 Nights of watching the old man sleep before... MURDER
The next day at 4 am the officers arrive WHAT THE HECK!?!?
... is going on??? Why is this happening? "I loved the old man. He had never wronged me." - p. 56 Internal External Self vs. Self Self vs. Other character Self vs. Nature Self vs. Society Vocabulary Chronological order
Conflict (internal, external)
Paradox You will be divided into 4 equal groups and sent to different corners of the room.

In each corner you will find a large piece of paper with a different kind of conflict. With your group think of as many different kinds of that conflict that you can.

You can write or draw but find a way of representing the conflict in a way others will be able to understand. Rotate around. We will continue to do this until you are back with your original conflict. Look at your paper. What do you see? Take 1 minute to discuss it with your group. Designate 1-2 spokespeople to tell the class about what is written for your conflict. Option 1: Article re-write
Option 2: 'How To' Brochure
Option 3: Ms. Ross decides between Option 1 or 2
Option 4: Every student decides for themselves which to hand in Plot Vocabulary Stuart McLean & 'The Vinyl Cafe' What do you think will happen? What were the main points of the introduction & what was the initiating incident? What were the main rising action points? Debate: Will Dave be able to train Galway? Writing: What do you think will happen? Introduce Write Your Own Story Assignment Try To Find The Climax Review Points of Climax Discuss When Climax Occurred Plot Denouement & Resolution, Justify When Climax Occurred Write 'The Vinyl Cafe' & Plot Reflection Review Yesterday 'North End Faust' - Ed Kleiman Character Vocabulary Designate The Character 'North End Faust' & Character Reflection Introduction Initiating Incident Rising Action Climax Falling Action/
Denouement Resolution Meet protagonist & main characters
Learn vital background information
Introduced to setting Event that causes the main conflict to begin Series of events that cause conflict to intensify The point in the story where the conflict is most tense
Generally the 'final battle' or struggle Action is slowing down Conflict has come to an end
Some solution or sense of finality has been reached Climax
Falling action
Resolution Stuart McLean is a Canadian host of 'The Vinyl Cafe' on CBC.
It is a Canadian comedy radio show (and there are a number of books out as well).
The show centers around Dave & Morley, and their many day-to-day adventures. Discuss with a partner Discuss with a partner and write down the main points you think of.
Be prepared to share with the class. Discuss with a partner and write down the main points you think of.
Be prepared to share with the class. The class will be divided in half, each partner will go to a different side. Briefly discuss why you think Dave will/won't be able to train Galway. Try to find evidence from what we've already heard. Keeping in mind the debate and the points of the story that we have already heard, write one page on what you think will happen (if your writing is big, write 2... Muahahahaha) 'Never' - H. E. Bates Vocabulary Setting Draw The Description New Setting for 'Never' 'Never' & Setting Reflection 'The Doll's House' - Katherine Mansfield Point of View Vocabulary Re-Write Children's Story What makes a point of view effective? What point of view did you use for your children's story? What point of view did your partner use? 'The Doll House' & Point of View Reflection http://prezi.com/jc0xigfko8ua/english-10-short-story-unit/ Antagonist
Dynamic character
Flat character Protagonist
Round character
Static character
Stereotyped character Protagonist vs. Antagonist Dynamic vs. Static Round vs. Flat Stereotyped The main character The opposition to the main character A character who undergoes a significant change throughout the course of the story A character who does not undergo any significant change throughout the course of the story A character based on widely held cultural beliefs (ex. the 'dumb' blonde) A character who is multi-dimensional & realistic A character who only has one side
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