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7 areas of technology

No description

Brent Abasolo

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of 7 areas of technology

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli BY: BRENT ABASOLO 7 Areas of Technology Medical Technology Agriculture and Bio-Technology Energy and Power Technology Communication Technology Transportation Technology Manufacturing Technology Construction Technology Medical Technology- Developing and using machines and systems to treat diseases and maintain the health of living beings. Agricultural technology- Using materials, information, and machines to produce the food and natural fibers needed to maintain life. Definition of Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing technology- Developing and using systems and processes to convert materials into products in a factory. Definition of Construction Technology

Construction technology- Using systems and processes to erect structures on the sites where they will be used. Definition of Power and energy technology
power and energy technology- Developing and using systems and processes to convert, transmit, and use energy. Definition of Construction Technology
Construction technology- Using systems and processes to erect structures on the sites where they will be used. Definition of transportation technology
transportation technology- Developing and using devices and systems to move people and cargo from an origin point to a destination 1.I go to doctors and they use the tools like the statoscope 2.Theres flowers on our backyard 3.Sometimes we have power outage. 4.Our house was made by construction technology 5.I use the internet or the phone to contact my friends. 6.I ride the bus to school at morning and after noon 7.Most of the product that we buy at our house is manufactured. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!! REFLECTIONS Precautions

Make sure you be careful with sharp objects in the hospital or clinic. Precautions

Dont get run over by a tractor and treat the animals well or it will end up bad. Use the proper items in surgeries Also wear the appropriate clothes in the hospital like a mask Also have a scarecrow so the birds wont eat your crops. Make sure all of the animals have to be in the barn. Dont get electrified when your fixing like a cable wire. If you dont install the solar panels right they will sew your company. If your in a windmill you might fall down when your fixing it so you need to be careful. If your on a crane make sure you dont have fear of heights. Make sure have a hardhelmet and steel toe boots. Also you need to follow what says on the blue prints and make sure you dont get a paper cut. Dont talk on like your homephone on a stormy day or you'll get electrocuted. Dont share any important things on the phone with a stranger or just dont answer the phone at all if you dont know them. Dont get run over by a bus.

Make sure all parts pf the vehicle is working or some thing will go wrong badly.

Make sure kids have booster seats. wear hazmat suits dont get to close to the machines because it will lead to serious injuries Make sure theirs an emergency buttons for injuries
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