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To Kill A Mockingbird Plot Diagram

No description

Danielle Miller

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird Plot Diagram

Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution We get a Intro to Scout, Jem, Atticus and Dill Scout goes to school and beats up Walter Cunningham Arricus tells Scout to walk around in someone's skin. Scout finds gum in a tree and other things, and then the tire goes into the Boo Radley yard. The children play the Boo Radley game and Atticus catches them doing so. Miss Maudie tells Scout about Boo Radley Atticus tells Scout and Jem to stop bothering Boo Radley Jem and Scout find Carved figures, chewing gum, and pocket watch in tree. Boo Radley puts a blanket on Scout during the fire. Atticus is on a difficult case, he is defending Tom Robenson Atticus Shoots a Mad Dog; Scout finds out that Atticus was the One Shot! Jem ruins Mrs. Dubose's flowers and has to read for her for a month Scout and Jem go to the black church with Calpurina Aunt Alexandra arrives, Scout feels a big change in her home. Aunt Alexandra wants to get rid of Calpurina; Atticus refuses. Dill arrives back at the Finches house The Lynch mob confronts Atticus, Scout scares them off. Tom Robinson's Court Case; Tom found guilty. Jem Doesn't like the judgment of the case. Bob Ewell spits on Atticus Jem and Atticus discess the court trial process. Aunt Alexandra criticizes Scout for befriending Walter Tom Robinson is Shot Jem visits Helen Robinson; Mr. Underwood and Bob Ewell don't like it Scout doesn't understand the differences between Miss. Gates and Atticus Bob Ewell harasses Judge Taylor and Helen Robinson Jem and Scout get attacked Scout finnaly meets Boo Radley To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Diagram Atticus tells Scout and jem it is a sin to Kill a Mockingbird Jem tries to look into the Radley's yard; as they run away Jem's pants get caught in the fence. Jem Gets his pants back mended
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