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Depth of Knowledge

No description

Rebecca Hackworth

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Depth of Knowledge

Depth of Knowledge
Columbia, Manuel Real, & Mead Valley
December 11, 2013

How do you define cognitive rigor?
Teaching With Depth

An Understanding of Webb's Depth of Knowledge
Why Depth of Knowledge?

DOK is not...
Bloom's Taxonomy (but related)
about difficulty
about using verbs
DOK is...
the context in which the verb is used and the depth of thinking required about what comes after the verb
three characteristics of metamorphic rocks.
the difference between metamorphic and igneous rocks.
a model that you might use to represent the relationships that exist within the rock cycle.
Close Reading of Depth-of-Knowledge Levels for Reading
Ensures that the intent of the standard and the level of student demonstration required by that standard matches the assessment item
promote student achievement
The Ant & the Grasshopper

College and Career Ready
Questioning (intent)
Tasks (what's after the verb)
Assessments (SBAC)
Fold-able Note-taking Guide

Asks students to recall a fact, term, principle, or detail.
You either know it, or you don't
Greater depth of understanding
Explanations of how & why
apply one concept, then make a decision before you apply another concept
Multi-step, non-routine problems
must be supported with evidence
more than 1 possible answer
Cross disciplinary
extended over time
use multiple sources

I already
knew this
I have a
Cognitive Rigor Matrices
Illustrates different levels of rigor
Combines elements of Bloom’s with DOK

Meeting Norms

We will learn about Depth
of Knowledge (DOK) and the Cognitive Rigor Matrix to gain a better understanding of rigorous questions and the role of DOK in classroom instruction.

We will be able to use DOK and the Cognitive Rigor Matrix to evaluate and adjust the rigor of questions. We will be able to share with peers the implications in daily classroom instruction.

Two Part Objective
Now that you are DOK experts, it's your turn...

Difficulty is a reference
to how many students answer a question
correctly (ex: exaggerate & prescient)
1. Recall & Reproduction
2. Skills & Concepts
3. Strategic Thinking/Reasoning
4. Extended Thinking
presented by:
Mr. Alcazar, Ms. Almuena, Mrs. Menon,
Mrs. Ernisse, Mrs. Hackworth,
Mrs. Rodich-Vitek
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