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The enviromental

No description

arturo ortiz

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of The enviromental

Air quality is becoming poorer, there is less water and biodiversity is being lost.
Trees are being cut down and it seems that climate is changing very fast.
The environmental problems in the world grow as humanity grows.
Also there are fewer fish in the sea and animals in the forest.
Unreasonable use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources is affecting the environment producing bad effects on natural ecosystems.
But what we can do to heal our planet?
If we save energy turning off the lights that we are not using and take advantage of the sun light, we will help the planet.
If we stop using disposable items such as diapers and we changed them for others that we can reuse, we will reduce trash.
If we sow plants, we will have more pure air.
If we collect rain water, we can use it for example to clean the house.
If we use reusable bags and not the plastic ones, we can protect our planet.
If we don't use aerosols like insecticides or sprays, we won't harm the ozone layer.
If we use our car less, and walk more, we will keep the air cleaner.
If we stop cutting down trees, we can save the home of millions of plants and animals.
If we collect different kind of waste and take them to a place where they can be recycled, we can save our planet.
If factories stop pouring chemicals into our lakes and rivers, they can save water.
Finally is very important to protect the environment because this is essential for life, because without one of the elements that compose it, life would not exist. If we follow these tips all of us together can help our planet.
Arturo Ortiz Gomez
Lisset Palmer Bustamante
Azucena Popoca Flores
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