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Ancient India Project

A review of Ancient Indian religion

Pranav Vaid

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Ancient India Project

By Varun Venkatesh(hardworking sheep representative), Justin Tsang(funny), Pranav Vaid(cow farmer), and Edwin Ong (awesome)
Ancient India
Intro to the Religion
There are many religions in India, and Hinduism is the most common of them. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion that believes in many gods, such as the three main gods- Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer. The king of the the gods was Indra, whose weapon was the thunderbolt. Indra was the god of rain, clouds, and thunder. The oldest sacred texts in India were the Vedas, which were Hindu scriptures written in Sanskrit. Hindus believe that when you die, you reincarnate into another creature with no memory of your past life.
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Vishnu's name means all pervading and he is the protector of the world and restorer of moral order. He had ten incarnations as many important people/animals. In Indian mythology, Vishnu saved humanity by sacrificing himself to a rampaging Shiva. This is an example of how Vishnu saved the world. Vishnus four hands represent the four stages of human life- the quest for knowledge, family life, retreat into the forest, and renunciation. Vishnu holds a conch in one hand representing the creative voice and OM. In another, is the discus, which when used as a weapon, always returns to its thrower. In his third hand, he holds a mace which represents the defeat of a demon who was malevolent, but also charitable. His fourth hand holds a lotus, signifying light and purity across the sky.
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Shiva is the Destroyer, but goes by many names like Nataraja and Neelakantan. Many temples include Shiva, but only in his Nataraja Shiva form or in his common temple form- a Lingam. Shiva also had many incarnations- such as Hanuman. Shiva's weapon is the trishula. He has three eyes and holds a ball of fire in one hand to show destruction. In another hand, he holds a drum to keep beat with his dance/to keep the universe in place, and has his foot on top of a demon to show that good always triumphs over evil. Overall, he symbolises that no fear is needed. He is an ascetic and has no desires, but he does have a family.
The Devas were celestial beings that had many purposes. They were, in effect, the good supernatural beings. Some of the Devas were Agni, Varuna, Skanda, the Lokapalas, Yama, and Indra. There were also the Puranas, who were the start of a line that would eventually lead to demons and Asuras. Devas and Asuras were half-brothers and enemies.

Note: I am Varun. I am god. Bow down to me!!!
Amar Chitra Katha- Vishnu the Savior, Stories of Shiva , Tales of Brahma
Brahman is the supreme force in the world, named after the cast in the caste system. Brahman created the world thorugh a dream, but, the Universe doesn't come from Brahmin, it is from Brahman. A common analogy to Brahman is the impact of water hitting water. Brahman controls every force in the world- wind, fire, water. Everything is created from Brahman, and even the gods must obey it's will.
Nataraja Shiva While Dancing
Note: Om also means Pranav
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cow farmers forever!!!!!
In Hindu mythology, Brahma is known as the Creator. He is the protector of the Vedas, one of, if not the oldest texts in the world. If the Vedas fall into the wrong hands, and are not saved, then the world falls into chaos. Brahma flies through the Sea of Creation and creates different beings and places them in the planets. Majority of the "things" are put on Earth (some creatures are put on other planets). Brahma is pictured as a being with four heads so that he can see in all directions. Brahma is apparently the second wisest being in all the three worlds (Earth, Heavan, and Underworld). Brahma had ten sons whom we call the Puranas. He was cursed by Shiva to have no temple, and have 4 heads, instead of the original 5.
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Asuras were a race of evil creatures who were descendants of Brahma. They were immortal, but could not be victorious over their half-brothers, the Devas. The Asuras spread into many other races. . The Devas had gods' power on their side, and they too were immortal, so the battle between the Devas and Asuras raged
on endlessly. The only time these two races
cooperated was during the Churning of the Ocean.
They had to cooperate to lift their churner, Mt.
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