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Middle leadership presentation

End of course presentation

Mark Stocks

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Middle leadership presentation

Middle Leadership Presentation Potential next stages IEP's, ILP's, subject specific, Long term, Short term, medium term, Annual reviews, EFA funding, tutorial, too many targets!

No central area for targets to be collected

Improving clarity between teachers and Teaching
Assistants (TA's) What inspired the idea? Gather courses and long term aims

Collect targets from teachers

Create drop box spreadsheet to present targets for each individual student which teachers/ TAs can access

Share and present to teaching staff and then TA's. What to do and how Lead teachers and SMT to discuss layout and appropriateness of proposal

College teaching staff as first target audience before distributing across the academy. (Primary, Secondary and College)

At present approx 30 students are being used for the targets. Who to enlist and how many to involve Extend to Primary, Secondary and GFE
departments of college

Increasing amount of targets in each subject

Regular reviewing - achieved? including
moving from generic targets to individual
focused targets. Mark Stocks
Maths Lead Teacher
Exeter Deaf Academy Middle Leadership Presentation Baseline - Start point/ What did I do? Identify the subjects and students to start with.

Collect data on both qualifications and targets

Set up for College students as primary targets.

Set up Spreadsheet with drop boxes and share data with all. Initial impact - small - all targets are currently collected
in one place and accessible to all.

Scope - larger impact, more clear to see targets,
accessible for Ofsted. Less emails and chasing targets.

TA's - more focus on targets and what students aiming
for. Impact so far - What happened as a result. Tutorial targets, ILPs, Course targets are all
in one central location.

Teachers can now access and find targets easier
without having to email colleagues

TA's will have opportunity to explore and see
what students are aiming for.
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