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No description

miranda lam

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Blizzards

What are blizzards?

They're not the same
Blizzards are severe snow storms with blowing snow, slick grounds, and a tempurature of -7degree celcius or lower.
How are blizzards caused?
Blizzards are caused when a jet stream of air dips down into a warm air mass that pushes the warm air up and lets the cold air sink to the surface.
Most Blizzards happen in countries with cold climates such as polar regions like Eastern and central Canada
When do blizzards happen?
Where do blizzards happen?
Blizzards occur in polar regions such as Eastern and central Canada, America, and some parts of Russia.
Most of the blizzards happen
in winter
Blizzards happen in countries with cold climates
such as eastern and central Canada, the great
plains of the United States, and some parts of Russia
Video of blizzard
What blizzards can cause
a lot of damages
Blizzards reduce visabilaty one forth a mile
and draws heat away from people and animals
Many people have hypothermia and frostbites
because of blizzards.
Hypothermia is a condition when your body tempurture drops below your regular body temperture which is 36.5-35.7
Frostbites are when your nerves are frozen and there is no blood circulation thats why it's numb. If you don't treat a frostbite immedietly you will have to amputate the spot with the frostbite.
If you have a frostbite
on your finger you will
have to cut off your
entire finger
By: Miranda lam
Compare the difference
frostbites are when a part of your body is frozen
and no blood can get to that area. If that part of your body is frozen for too long you will have to amputate it
The most recent blizzard
The most recent blizzard was in London, Ontario.
The blizzards lasted for ten days.
the blizzard started on December
the 5th and ended on December
the 15th
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