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Wabi Sabi

Japenese World View

Laila Soudi

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Wabi Sabi

Wabi-Sabi Laura &Lily Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and transcience;
accepting natural cycle of growth and
Origin? "wabi" from "wa": simple, unmaterialistic, humble by choice, in tune with nature
EX: "The joy of the little monk in his wind-torn robe.
one who is "wabi" opitimizes Zen
"sabi": "the bloom of time"; connotes natural progessionof time; understanding fleeting nature of beauty

True sabi: gift of time.
cannot be acquired otherwise.
misconception that aging=negative Quotes Tuesdays with morrie
"aging is not decay... it's growth"
"you have to find what is good
and true and beautiful in your
life now."
"if you're always battling against
getting older, you'll always be unhappy,
because it'll happen anyhow." Wabi-sabi inspires minimalism
and simplicity; possessions?
only those that are meaningful
vulnerable to cracking, perishing,
peeling- OK
Remember: imperfect, incomplete,
imperfect, impermanent,
Possessions? those that are
Imperfect. impermanent.
incomplete. asymmetry.
modesty. intimacy. objects
should evoke emotion,
"if an object or expression can
bring about, within us, a serene
sense of melancholy and a
spritual longing, than that object
could be said to be wabi-sabi"

Why? to notice and discern
the hidden signs of a beautiful
Buddhism: liberation
from a materialistic world and transcendence to a simpler one. What does it mean for us?
engage in life as it transpires;
good and bad together.
embrace our beauty; each of us
is beautiful because of our unique
surround ourselves with natural, changing,
unique objects- learn to connect with our world.
learn to destress.
most simple objects- beautiful, fascinating, interesting.
Wabi-Sabi can change our perception of the world Sources:
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