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Orbit vs. Trident

No description

Erica Grant

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Orbit vs. Trident

Orbit- The sweetener used in the gum was recalled due to suspicion that the sweetener could cause cancer, they quickly changed their sweetener to fix that problem.

Trident- Their sweetener now included xylitol, a sugar alcohol that reduces plaque and protects teeth against decay, but is posionous to dogs.
Orbit- The Wrigley Company recorded an increase in chewing gum demand during the 1990-91 Persian Gulf War. Which included Orbit and Extra.

Trident- They came out with a whole new line of flavors to choose from, with all new packaging.
Orbit- Orbit came out with a new gum subline called Orbit Mist
They Finally approved its ability to improve oral health and started a New Advertising Campagin which featured British woman named Vanessa Branch.

Trident- Trident White came out which did not contain any sweetener in it.
- Trident now had a milk-derived ingredient that aids in the remineralization of teeth
Trident & Orbit Present Day
Orbit- Has come out with new Orbit for kids, and a new halfpack to compete with their other competition, 5 gum.

Trident- Has come out with a new gum called trident layers, which is two pieces of gum, and a different flavor inbetween.
Orbit- It was the first sugar-free gum under Wrigley's name.
- It was sold as a traditional long stick gum, and promoted it's gum with "For Healthier Teeth."

Trident- Introduced by Cadbury in the 1960s, when Orbit was first introduced Trident gum had just claimed four out of five dentists recommended chewing sugar less gum to their patients. With their slogan, "The Great Taste That Is Good For Your Teeth!"

Orbit vs. Trident
By; Danae DeBerry, Erica Grant, Amber Parlett
2020- The Future
In the year 2020, we predict that orbit will have a throwback pack of gum that will feature tradtional long style pieces like they had before.
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