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change of matter

No description

thames thames

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of change of matter

change of matter
Boncz Adel Gabriella

change of matter
Everything in the univers
,monecules ect.
Everything is changing
always rearranging
always enganging
joins separating
phisycal and chemical change
A phisycal change is if you had an
ice cube in a glass in a few hours it would be water.a chemical change is if you had ink and paerfume
and you mix it together it will be
a colorful pearfume.
Gas,liquid and solid's
As you can see the square
is stiff in other words it is solid. solid things have lots of atoms inside.liquids
have more space but still not so much.Gas has lots of space and when it gets hot it starts to hit each other when it is realy hot it
explodes and turns in to gas.
cold,hot and rainy places
did you know that in the water there is lots of atoms so thats why it is hard to run and walk in the water.

Each place has a different climate
depending is it in the north,west,
east and south.

Gas and

smoke cocacola
air water
hilium milk
neon orange juce
oxigen coffie
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