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The basics of networking

No description

Michelle Tang

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The basics of networking

Beginners net working tips:
The basics of networking

Me: Scott Eisenberg
party promoter, attorney, happy father of 4 and now...

My wife: Deborah Eisenberg:
Our glue

Swap the Biz:
Empowers and develops leaders.

tip & tricks
The culture of Swap The Biz
fun & engaging activities
Happily raise your hand if you have a question.
Social aspect of Networking:
Most common approach is the wrong approach:
"Hi, what do you do
for a living?"
My Approach:
Healthy questions: "How was your day?"
Five minutes
Use the new approach

How many people should you talk to? -
2 to 3 connections
Should I set up a meeting IMMEDIATELY if we are having a good and deep conversation? - no.
Finding a commonality
Developing a relationship
Be attentive and be interested
Ask open-answered questions
Don't reply to with one-worded answers.
Connect socially and ask healthy open-answer questions
Stay engage and interested
Don't have a poor attitude

Remember that this is an opportunity, so

At a real event, you only need 2-3 connections, but one is still a win!
Post exercise:
Take out your collected cards, and jot down a few basic notes that you collected during your conversation.
jar of memories
Extra tips:
If someone you don't know tries to connect with you on LinkedIn, reply and ask to meet with them.
Linked In connections are meaningless without real life meetings!
Mark down in your calendar, on the day after the event, to follow-up on the connections you've made. Set aside some time - preferably before the start of your working day- 30-45 minutes
Create a template
" It was great meeting you at event XYZ..."

Include that you enjoyed the conversation and want to explore more
Ask for follow-up

information that you have gathered about them from the points you jotted down on their business card.


"Maybe we can catch up over a game of tennis, I remembered that you play competitively."
Linked In
Puts your name in front in another direction

Also, get to learn about them more

Add your LinkedIn connection to your e-mail template.
Cardmuncher app: take a picture of your
collected business card with the app and it
will direct you to the LinkedIn profile.
Golden rule:
this is not a numbers game - its about the quality of the relationship.
How do I build a network? How do I find out about networking events?
Leverage your friends and family
Use your resources
Experienced networking tips:
Attend various events - instead of staying within your industry.
Go after peoples rolodex, not them.
why? - Their contacts may not be regular net workers and may be a source for your business.
What is 'Networking capital'?
You want as much exposure as you can
Make the time to completely fill out online profiles
Always announce meetings, deals and closed businesses
You want people to know what you are doing and connecting with others. Why? - because you want others to see you as a GIVER.
Attend speaking engagements and opportunities
Other networking events.
DO NOT SELL yourself, this is not direct sales.
Put it in your calendar to follow-up on contacts that you have met today, and/or at future and past events.
Remember to follow through. If they don't respond, try again, but
don't be a badger
Spice up your pitch:

Instead of
"I represent buyers in residential real estate closings"
- say
"I help people reach their desire of owning their dream home.."

Be creative and use descriptive words. For instance, instead of house use dream home.
Now, get up and practice your new pitch.
Remember to spice up your pitch, and take a new spin on your traditional sales pitch.
Please feel free to leave testimonials and feedback for me.
Natural referrals who we can give out
Don't forget that everyone has a limited networking capital.

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