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Industrial Revolution-Lightbulb

No description

Christina Koeck

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution-Lightbulb

Industrial Revolution Incandescent Lightbulb Thomas Edison Invented the lightbulb in 1879
Lived in Menlo Park, NJ
Named the Wizard of Menlo Park Menlo Park was Edisons laboratory.
He unsuccessfully tried many different filaments.
Here, he also created many other things such as the phonograph. First Lightbulb Many different filaments were tried
Carbon fiber worked
He even tried his colleague's beard hair
Formed in 1892
Schenectady, NY-headquarters
Still exists today as the General Electric company

The World Since their invention, they have become universal
1,000,000 people use light bulbs
Incandescent light bulbs have an average life of 800 hours
Cfl lightbulbs cost 75% less
than incandescant bulbs
Average life of 10,000 hours
Typically cost $2.60

CFL Lightbulbs One of the largest companies in the world
Headquarters in Fairfield, Conn.
Purchased RCA corporation in the 1900's. Millions of people use light.
This is a picture of the Earth at night.
Areas of more dense population are brighter. Mercury from light bulbs has polluted the Earth.
New solutions are trying to be found such as CFL's
But CFL's have a deadly gas trapped inside of them. Edison was born in Milan, Ohio.
Moved to Michigan when he was seven
Burned down the family's barn by accident His first wife, Mary, died of typhoid in 1884
He then married a woman named Mina in 1886.
Edison died in 1931. Incandescent light bulbs work by a filament wire
They were the first type of light bulb
People want a new more energy effecient light bulb Hardships of the
Industrial Revolution Sweat shops were made
Many people were out of work
because of machines
Many people were unable to provide
for their families People were underpaid
Many people were jobless because of job competition
Migrants filled a lot of jobs and opened their own businesses
Most businesses did not succeed Conditions were poor
Many people died because of accidents
Diseases were also transmitted very easily in the work place
Nothing was sanitary, because of this time in history, health codes were introduced Lightbulb Chart Lightbulb Video http://www1.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=9619&title=New_Light_Bulbs_in_Plain_English This chart shows that incandescent light bulb production has been decreasing since 1973.
This chart shows the statistics of Toshiba's production. Christina Koeck The Industrial Revolution changed many things in the business industry with textiles, telephones, light bulbs, planes, cars, and steam engines. Machines made training quicker and helped refine rules of the factory to be more strict. Because of high production rates, some businesses began monopolies and corporations smothering small businesses. This is the number of light bulb production since 1880.
This is only an estimate. New laws and acts were put into action to better the working hours and age. Unions were formed and some strikes also occured during this period of time.
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