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No description

Victoria Scena

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Sia

Sia Furler

By Victoria Scena
Ms. Gregoris

Her Career
Sias Songs
Sia has wrote a lot of songs but my favorite is Chandelier. Sia is very self conscious about herself because of her disease so in the music video Chandelier she hired a 12 year old professional dancer to dance in that music video for her. When she went on the Ellen show to perform she faced the back wall so the audiance could not see her face while the 12 year old was dancing. She prefers not to show her face while she is performing because she gets anxiety attacks.
Sia was diagnosed with Graves disease. Graves disease affects the thyroid wich is in your neck. It makes your thyroid grow to twice its size or more. It can also increase heart beat, make your muscles weaken and disturb sleep. It can also affect your eyes wich causes bulging
All about Sia
Sia was born December 18, 1975. She is 38 years old. She is an Australian pop, downtempo, and jazz singer/songwriter. Sia was discovered by an Italian DJ while singing karaoke in a bar. She has never been married but was in a committed relationship that was ruined by a tragic death
Her Music Video
Her Disease
Sia has worked with many artist such as Christina Aguilera, Eminem, David Guetta, Jennifer Lopez,Rihanna, Katy perry and alot more. She co-wrote and featured on Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits, Titanium with David Guetta and wild ones with rapper Flo Rida
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