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BUSI 2405 Lecture 06 - Design of Work Systems

No description

Brad Anderson

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of BUSI 2405 Lecture 06 - Design of Work Systems

Design of Work Systems
Brad Anderson
What are the benefits of a well defined work system?
With the next video, focus on the following:
What competitive priority is the company aiming for
Why did the company choose to re-design its processes?
What changes are they planning to make to achieve their goals?
What challenges do they face with the planning of their redesign?
What are the key success factors to implementing a redesign of work systems?
With the next video, consider:
What changes did they end up making?
What was the overall impact of these changes?
What role did the employees have in the new design?
Designing work systems
A well designed work system is instrumental in:
Controlling costs
Improving productivity
Improving quality
Improving employee morale
Work Measurement
Read the case "Earthwise Pallet Recyclers" pg 312
Assume PR =1.0
Allowance of 10% (based on work day)
Wrap Up
Time series studies
Stopwatch time study
Predetermined time standards
Work sampling
Stopwatch time study
Figure out what task you want to study
Determine # cycles to observe
equation 7.1
Second video on chpt 7 on Learning Resources tab on course website
Observe that number of cycles and time the task
Average time = Observed time (OT)
Assign a performance rating (PR) to workers
Calculate Normal Time (NT) = OT x PR
Assign an allowance factor (AF) to account for breaks, lunch, etc. (equation 7.7 or 7.8)
Calculate standard time (ST) = NT x AF
This is the standard time you now assign to completing that task
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