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Amber Milks

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Peter Gassner & Matt Wallach form Verticals On Demand
First Services hires
Frank Defesche
Chatham Reed
Will Larter
Claudia Thorsen
Nate Gazaway
Vivian Welsh
Todd Taylor
Lori Zuckerman
Genentech CRM Go Live
Pfizer signs on for CRM
VOD moves in 309 Ray St in Pleasanton
Verticals On Demand changes its name to Veeva Systems
Veeva acquires AMS kicking off our Data business
Acquisition of Mederi KOL Data Business
Move into new Global HQ at 4280 Hacienda in Pleasanton, CA
OpenKey announced and quickly rebrands to OpenData
Managed Services becomes new Services offering
Mimi Wilder hired
Acquision of Zinc
Veeva Labs founded
Okta live on Orgwiki
[Share] live internally
Support office in Ohio founded
Woozle becomes Vault & announced
San Francisco office opened
Vault releases Binders
Submissions, eTMF, QualityDocs, and MedComms apps released
Vault: 2253 Form Generation
Vault-iRep integration
Vault-AE integration
Vault Objects introduced
Vault as CLM Repository
Vault CrossLinks
Vault Custom Tabs & Views
CSM Program Founded
Veeva 1000
Veeva 100
Veeva 500
First Veeva Orange Belts in Services
Todd Taylor
Chatham Reed
Project Woozle Announced
Eric Bezar hired
First Go Live 7/23
First signed customer: Publicis Managed Markets 6/28
Christine Roberto gives first customer demo to Sanofi 4/18
3/27 First Press Release & Website Go Live
First Professional Services Employee Summit
Lilly Global Program Kicks off
Jim Lukens founds the Technical Services Practice
SVP, Customer Services and EVP, Sales positions created
Major reorganization
The OrgWiki is relaunched internally
Created by Greg Barker
Vault Platform / OLS Announced
Led by Frank Defesche
10 Year Company Anniversary
OrgWiki introduces Dotted Lines
GSK selects Veeva as its Global CRM
First R&D Customer Summit
Matt Wallach becomes President of Veeva
Avril England hired as GM, Vault
Market Leader in CRM
J&J selects Vault eTMF
iRep Launched
Moved into new HQ on Chabot
May 19-20 First Customer Summit, Philadelphia
eSource and EDC announced
Vault for Quality Outside of Life Sciences
Support Team live on Zendesk
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