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Copy of Rev Optimists Screening Tour MJ Working

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Matthew Justus

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Rev Optimists Screening Tour MJ Working

The Revolutionary Optimists
World Screening and Impact Tour

San Francisco Bay Area
Goa, India
Kolkata, India
New York City
Seattle, WA
Washington, DC
Los Angeles, CA
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
The film receives strong reviews from the national press, including the India Express and the Kolkata Telegraph.
In 2008, filmmakers Nicole Newnham and
Maren Grainger-Monsen begin filming a documentary in Kolkata. Their subject is the dynamic social entrepreneur Amlan Ganguly and his foundation, Prayasam.
After 5 years of work, the film is completed, and has it's world premiere at India's most prestigious film festival, the International Film Festival of India in Goa.
In March 2013, the film has it's U.S. premiere at a sold out screening in the 'Art of the Reel' Series at Lincoln Center in New York City.
Amlan, Salim, and Sikha, the "stars" of the film, arrive in New York City
after a 24 hour journey from Kolkata.
Young New Yorkers from the Tribeca Film Institute’s education program connect with the filmmakers and the Prayasam team following a special screening.
Map Your World is a multi-platform project created by the filmmakers in collaboration with the Tribeca Film Institute, ITVS, and Columbia University.

It allows young change agents to map, track, and improve the health of their own communities – and then share their inspiring stories of change.
UNICEF hosts a screening introduced by Deputy Director Geeta Rao Gupta and a post-screening discussion was moderated by Ahmed Shihab-Eldin of the Huffington Post. Thanks to Anjali Kaur who made it all happen at UNICEF!
UNICEF hosted a screening introduced by Deputy Director Geeta Rao Gupta and a post screening discussion was moderated by Ahmed Shihab-Eldin. Thanks to Anjali Kaur who made it all happen at UNICEF!

Following the screening, we had a roundtable with eight UNICEF program directors who were inspired by the film,
Ahmed Shihab-Eldin invites the team to the Huff Post Live Studio the following day. The filmmakers and Prayasam Team are featured on the show.
In Greenwich Village, Patricia Finneran moderates a discussion with Ashoka’s founder and CEO Bill Drayton and Amlan Ganguly, who is an Ashoka Fellow.
Bill Drayton learns more about the specifics of Prayasam’s work. He is deeply moved by the alignment between Amlan's work and Ashoka's commitment to fostering empathy and making everyone a change-maker.
The film opens theatrically in New York and receives great reviews!
The team at the Modi Lab at Columbia University were eager to hear from Salim and Sikha because the MAP YOUR WORLD platform was built at their Columbia lab. They wanted to hear about how the platform and the smart phone interface worked in the field.
What is
Map Your World ?
The Columbia team revised their methodology on water tap surveys for Nigeria, based on what they learned about the way that Salim and Sikha did their work!
The Modi Lab team at Columbia really enjoyed meeting Salim and Sikha, and will continue to help build and code the Map Your World mobile phone tool!
Salim is asked a question about how his work with Praysam has changed since engaging with Map Your World as a partner....
Salim said: "When we began the Polio vaccine mapping project in our community we used pen and paper, now we use smart phones!"
Before leaving New York, the Prayasam Team meets with the Pumpkin Foundation.
The Pumpkin Foundation generously commits $20,000 per year towards Praysam's On-Track program.
On-Track teaches teens the necessary skills to succeed, such as public speaking, computer literacy and team-building. It supplements public school courses,and serves hundreds of children from slum communities in West Bengal.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported the film and the engagement effort; they host a special screening in Seattle, and the team tours foundation headquarters.
In April the film team arrives in Seattle.
Salim and Sikha are featured in the TEDxChange "Positive Disruption" program hosted by Melinda Gates.
Amlan, Nicole and Maren watch proudly as Salim and Sikha speak in English –– their third language! ––about their work on polio, water and gender equity.
The event is seen live by thousands
of people around the world. Salim and Sikha receive a standing ovation.
Bill Gates
tweets to his 12 million followers
At a private dinner with
Melinda Gates, Amlan is able
to personally explain the
Praysam approach to
social entrepreneurship
and raising a community's
aspirational level.
At the Gates Foundation, the film team connects with the people from GOOD. They help promote screenings, and write great pieces both online and in the print magazine about Prayasam!
Before heading back to the east coast, we had a great sold-out screening at Seattle's Uptown Cinema.
And we had a fun visit to the local NBC affiliate, for a segment on the morning show, "New Day NW".
ADD FACEBOOK PHOTO from March. blurry pic - Move impact point to new slide
We are now in active discussions about scaling up Map Your World (MYW) through UNICEF. The power of story inspires and engages, and MYW is a platform for real change!
Look for other space needle shot

We paid a visit to our friends at Columbia University...
Thank You New York City, we're off to Seattle !
The local NBC affiliate features the team on "Good Day Seattle".
The students participate in MAP YOUR WORLD projects. Now, our team is working with Tribeca's education program as an ongoing partner. This fall, the students will create their own mapping projects.
After the festival, back in Kolkata, Amlan Ganguly hosts a screening of the film for community and government leaders.
For many years, Amlan and the children have lobbied the government to bring a clean water line to the Rishi Auribindo slum community .
The government made lots of promises...but still 9,000 people had to walk miles for clean drinking water.
The battle for a water line is a big story line in the film!
In early 2013, just weeks after the film screened for the community––and local officials––the government authorized the water line!
It was an amazing moment for the community, and it happened just days before Amlan, Salim and Sikha would come to the U.S. for a Screening tour with the documentary.
And digging began for a new clean water pipeline in the colony !
Following the screening, we had a roundtable with eight UNICEF program directors who were inspired by the film,
Salim and Sikha get in some trampoline time...in the RAIN! They are now honorary Seattlites, and are ready for Washington D.C. !
Hilton held a special screening of the film at the landmark Avalon Theater in Washington, DC.
Jennifer Silberman, Hilton Worldwide's V.P. of Corporate Responsibility, hosted the screening and Q&A.
Hilton offers to support the film team’s international outreach efforts in India !
Thanks Hilton!
You Rock!
Jennifer Silberman is moved by the film to investigate the brick sources for new Hilton hotel projects in India.
The scourge of child labor in brick fields is a key story in the film.
The entire office at the Global Fund For Children – which supports Prayasam – came out to meet the team.
The Global Fund for Children commits to funding for Prayasam for another year!
US AID (US Agency for International Development) hosts a great screening, and then a meeting with eighteen top USAID staff.
We are hosted by Maryann Yerkes, from the Youth Policy Group.
Deputy Administrator Donald Steinberg is moved by Amlan’s work, and says that in the film, he sees the model for how we can end extreme poverty in the world in the next 20 years.
We are currently in discussions with USAID about using the film to train and motivate NGO leaders in Africa and Asia.
A USAID program officer shows the film to Senator Leahy (D-VT) as proof positive that to USAID funding to grass roots orgs such as Prayasam has a huge impact..
The community turned out in droves for our sold-out Bay Area premiere at the Elmwood in Berkeley
They had met before over Skype and the kids from India inspired the kids from Oakland to start their own mapping project....
The Prayasam team and the filmmakers pay a visit to St. Paul's school in Oakland.
The students at St. Paul's decide to map where people are littering cigarette butts
They find a lot of them....Especially around Lake Merritt, which is kind of the last place you want to find a bunch of dirty cigarette butts....
Using the data they collect in the Map Your World cigarette surveys, the students convince the City of Oakland to put more cigarette receptacles around the Lake!
That, my friends,
is kids
making real change.
And a cool example of how the screening tour is bringing Beta users to Map Your World
The group visits the Corte Madera School in Portola Valley, CA
Salim and Sikha get to show off their soccer skills to their new American Friends...
The next day down at Adobe headquarters in San Jose, the team meets with the Adobe Youth Voices team.
Adobe Youth Voices had supplied video equipment to Prayasam so they could create videos to share with the world about their experiences in Kolkata.
Amlan is able to offer feedback to the Adobe team about the AYV program from the NGO's perspective.
Maren and Nicole's colleagues make for an overflow screening at the Stanford Medical School
After wards they discuss....
The team made time for a fun tour and screening at Pixar!
After the screening, Sikha leads a great discussion about the importance of strong female characters in animated movies, and how they have a real impact on the girls in her community in Kolkata.
The New Parkway Theatre in Oakland was a perfect place for the National Equity Project screening, where Salim and Sikha had a chance to ask the audience questions.
The film was pushed toward education reform leaders, and we are now in discussions with Oakland Unified schools to do Map Your World. Many teachers and schools have requested
using the film in their classrooms.
Wendy Levy, who is leading the charge on the development of Map Your World site, reconnects with Amlan, Salim and Sikha in Oakland. She had visited them in India in March.
We're not done yet! Onward to the last U.S. city, Hollywood here we come!
The UCLA School of World Health’s Tanya Aurora is a pediatrician and Shot @ Life volunteer, she put together a special screening for students and faculty.
PHOTOS? What are we saying about impact, vaccines?
Visiting Sundance was like coming home for both the filmmakers and subjects. Thanks to Cara Mertes, Kristin Feeley and the documentary team.
GOOD––a magazine and platform for social change––welcomed the group. Prayasam is featured in the June issue!
MJ add magazine cover
What an incredible visit to the U.S., it was truly an experience of a life time.
One quick stop
on the way home!
At the Global Vaccine Summit in Abu Dhabi Salim and Sikha sharing their experiences working to increase polio vaccination rates in their Kolkata community.
By the way, those vaccination rates went from 40% to 80% in their community thanks to the work of Salim, Sikha, Amlan, and the rest of the Praysam team!
Just before heading home to Kolkata they met none other than Bill Gates, who hosted the vaccine summit.
It put a nice bow on the whole trip, because his foundation made the tour possible.
Thank you to the
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
And thank you to our partners:

xx xxx xx

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