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Irish dance

No description

Katrin Schartel

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Irish dance

Lord of the dance
- Facts about Michael Flatley
- Lord of the dance
- Lord of the dance- Melody
- Irish dance- Shoes Facts about Michael Flatley Musical: Lord of the dance Lord of the dance- Melody
- Soft shoes -> soundless dance= Soft-shoe-dance
Light dances
used by ladies
from leather
boys=age of 11 years
- Heavy shoes -> solo step dances,
special rise in the sales
sound producers=parts of plastic
kids begin with simply shoes
newest developments=Bubbleheels

Table of contents -born in Chicago
-11 years old => sent to Irish dancing class
-35 taps per second => fasted feet
-Dublin 1994: famous appearing on ESC with group of dancer
-1995 fired from "Riverdance"
-own show "Lord of the dance"
-doesn't like dancing holding his arms down the traditional way
-Critics:commercialized and glamorized a part of Irish culture Beginning:
- tension
- flute: feels relaxing Shoes Irish Rhythm - Middle:
- other music part beginns
- first it sounds very dark
- fiddle
- foodsteps
- faster
- louder End:
- happieness fights the dark music
- wanna clap your hands
- wanna dance too
- Bodhràn
- rhythm
- feel like a bird
- part of music repeats
- slowly -stayed on 28.6.1996
-is based on Irish folklore which
-about the fight between good and evil
-music by Roman Hardiman
-lyrics by Micheal Flatley
-also played the main role
-1997 was played at the Oscars
-since 1998 4 croups toured trough 60 countries
-50 million people have seen the musical

Irish dancing Michal Flatley Heavy shoes Soft shoes
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