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A Little Princess

No description

Sabina Shin

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of A Little Princess

A Little Princess By Frances Hodgson Burnett Illustrated By Scott McKowen Characters Sarah Crewe Seven Years Old Captain Crewe The Father of Sara Miss.Minchin Owner of the house Ermengarde Sarah's First Best Friend. Met after the first french class St.John LOttie When LOttie was crying about how she never had a mom. Sara becomes her pretend mom Becky is a maid.Met sara when she was accidently caught sleeping in sara's room Summary So far Sara's dad Had to leave FOr a war before he went he had to send sara to other home to live in till he comes back. Sara goes to a place where only girls stayed, with a school attached. sara had lots of money, so she had her own room and a play room. she is has a really creative imagination she meets Ermengarde and starts to tell her friend some stories the maid always left sara's room to clean in the end Becky, Because her room is really relaxing. She Somethimes sits on sara's soft chair the warm fire made her feel like home so she fell asleep. but this day while she was sitting on the chair, Sara was finished her dance class and when she entered her room, she saw a 14 years old girl, really tired and dirty, was sleeping in her chair. when she saw her she was not really surprised. when she becky woke up, she kept apologizing to sara After a long talk becky was not scared of her any more since sara gave her a thick slice of cake and all that talking Sara and beck actually became friends sara promised becky that she would tell her about the little mermaid that is so far I read It you like the story ,A Little princess keep reading my blog. thanks!
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