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Crystal Meth

No description

katie spooner

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth
Dangers of Meth
Withdraw Symptoms
Before and After Crystal Meth
What is in Crystal Meth?
Classification: Stimulant
Overcome help from professional Methamphetamine addiction treatment centers
Depression (often treatment-resistant)
Increased appetite
Anxiety, agitation, restlessness
Excessive sleeping,
Deep sleeping, sleep cycle disruption
Vivid or lucid dreams (typically unpleasant)
Suicidal ideas
Psychosis (resembling schizophrenia)Paranoia
Meth’s major ingredients are toxic and highly flammable. The most common ingredients;
Full Name:

Nick Names: Ice, speed, chalk, crystal, crank,
yaba, fire, tina, tweak, trash, poor mans cocaine etc.
Form: White of yellow-ish crystalline powder,
crystals, or a pill
Addiction: Extreme
Crystal Meth
History of Crystal Meth
Discovered in 1887 by a Japanese chemist
By 1919, Methamphetamine (stronger and more easy to make) was produced in Japan
Used as a stimulant by Japanese Kamikaze pilots to stay awake and alert for long trips
During WWII
Used to keep solders awake and energized on both sides
FDA approved Meth as a Prescription for;
postencephalitic parkinsonism
chronic alcoholism
cerebral arteriosclerosis
hay fever
weight loss
Available in a form that could be injected into Bloodstream
Public was capable of producing their own Crystal Meth. Motorcyclist were a big illegal provider
Japan began creating Laws on the use of Meth
The United States government made Methamphetamine illegal for most uses
Caused 'producers' to make a stronger methamphetamine, known now
as 'Crystal Meth', and twice as potent
Home Lab became more common
The production, distribution, sale, and possession of methamphetamine is totally illegal in the U.S.
Illegal Labs are built near the Canadian and Mexican Boarder for easy traveling
Producers still manufacture, distribute and sell Crystal Meth illegally
The United States government does everything it can to stop the illegal manufacturing
The average high from Methamphetamine lasts between four to twelve hours!
Sodium Hydroxide
-Nail Polish Remover/ Paint Thinner
-Used in
-Used in Break Fluid
Red Phosphorus
-To make
-found in cold medicine
-found in match boxes, explosives etc.
Sulfuric Acid
-can burn skin or cause blindness
- used to clean sinks and toilet bowls
-Found in fertelizer
and countertop cleaners
Crystal Meth Pipe
Short Term Effects
Long Term Effects
When Taken, Crystal Meth causes;
heightened energy
become extremely emotional
engage in repetitive behavior
picking at hair/skin
angry outbursts
Excessive talking
Excessive sweating
erratic movements
Dilated pupils
disorganized lifestyle
violent and aggressive behavior
permanent psychological problems
behavior resembling paranoia
schizophreniapoor coping abilities
disturbance of personality development
lowered resistance to illnesses
possible brain damage
hair loss
damaged teeth
sickly skin
Effects Crystal Meth can have on
a Persons...
Disorganized thought and speech
Probably not slept in 3-15 days
Extremely irritable and paranoid
Intense itching
hostile and dangerous
condition reached at the end of a drug binge when methamphetamine no longer provides a rush or a high
Crank Bugs
tingling sensation on arms and face and see hallucinatory bugs and spiders
a person then starts digging into their skin and flesh in an attempt to "get at" the little creatures
Meth Mouth
- severe decay and loss of teeth
Caused by:
Lack of Saliva
decrease blood flow
grinding/clenching teeth
bad hygiene
poor diet
Weight Loss
Muscle Degradation
Loss of Appetite
Unhealthy Skin
Weight Gain
when the body is not getting the right nutrients from stored fat, it starts to eat at the muscles
Meth shuts down the hunger responses, and shrinks the stomach
dull, saggy, acne-ridden skin
When a person stops using meth
and gets their appetite back, the food they eat is not used as energy but directly fat
Toxic chemicals in Meth, along with obsessive plucking, causes a person to constantly pull and pluck their hair causing major hair loss
Body Temperature
Crystal Meth causes the body's temperature to rise to dangerous temperatures
High Dangerous Temperatures can cause;
Rise in heart rate
Rise in respiratory rate
organ failure
brain damage
excessive sweating
sick like symptoms
Rise in Blood Pressure
Irregular Heartbeat
Heart Attack/Stroke
Muscles / Skin
Involuntary muscle contractions
muscle tics
strange movements
- bugs crawling underneath skin, causing the person to start picking and making open sores
pale/sickly skin
The United States government reported in 2008 that approximately 13 million people over the age of 12 have used methamphetamine illegallly—and 529,000 of those are regular users.
Methamphetamine intoxication gives no immediate signs to users
Over dosage can be different in any person
"Is a rapid onset of physiological deterioration, eventually leading to a heart attack or stroke and death could soon happen unexpectedly"
Sudden onset high temperature from dehydration
Dilated pupils and convulsions.
Muscle/Chest pain.
Rapid breathing
Increased heart rate
Blood pressure
During the detox phase (3-10 days), treatment centers help patients get through the worse
After detox, programs teach patients to stay clean when they arrive home
symptoms can last days or weeks, painful process
The biggest increase in treatment is among 18-25 year olds.

Meth treatment admission has outpaced cocaine and heroin in 14 US states.
Medical Use
"In the US, Methamphetamine has been approved by the FDA, treating ADHD and endogenous obesity (obesity out of the patient's control) in both adults and children."
"Methamphetamine is a Schedule II drug in the United States and is sold under the name Desoxyn trademarked by the Danish pharmaceutical company"
Recreational Use
as a stimulant for the feeling getting 'high'
In Pennsylvania;
3.5% of High School students reported using Crystal Meth one or more times during their life.
In 2006 there were 48 meth-related arrests; 7.7% of total drug cases in PA
There were 33 lab incidents in 2010.
There were 10 children endangered by meth labs in 2010
What was
Methamphetamine first used for?
A. Recreational Use
B. For ADHD and Obesity
C. Solders during WWII
What classification is Crystal Meth under?
A. Depressant
B. Stimulant
C. Hallucinogen
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