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Paulina Medina

No description

Paulina Medina

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Paulina Medina

Life in the 1970's
Sophy Medina
1997 Mexico City
Claudia Ramirez
1970 Mexico City
Paulina Medina
1998 Mexico City
Luis Medina
1966 Mexico City
Martin Ramirez
1939-2011 Hidalgo, Mexico
Lourdes Garcia
1944 Guanajuato, Mex.
Manuel Medina
1929-2003 Guanajuato, Mex
Teresa Cabada
1928 Chihuahua,Mex
My Family Tree
My parents names are Luis Medina and Claudia Ramirez
My parents met in Highschool, they said it was love at first sight.
They dated for 4 years and then decided to get married.
They got married in 1996.
My Family history
MY grandparents
My Grandparents are Manuel Medina and Teresa Medina they both are from my dads side.
My Grandma moved from Chihuahua to Mexico City with her sister. And she met my Grandpa in their workplace.
They got married in 1945 and had 4 children.
My grandpa moved to work in Mexico City. He worked as Film Cameraman.
He died on November 4th 2004.
My grandma is stil living and she is 85 years old.
My Grandparents
My Grandparents names are Martin Ramirez and Lourdes Garcia. They are both from my mom's side.
My grandparents met in their neighbourhood, They dated and married in the early 1960's.
they had 8 children.
My grandma stayed home and took care of the kids wild my grandpa worked as a hand crafted signwriter.
My grandpa died in March 1st 2011.
and My grandma is still alive, At the age of 69.
On Saturday, february of 2000 me and my family immigrated to Canada.
My parents decided to move to Canada because in mexico it is one of the top most countries in the world that have high criminal violence. My dad did not want me and my sister to grow up in the unsafe city. Him and my mom both decided it would be better for them to migrate to Canada.

MY Parents
my mom worked as a computer programmer for a big company. And my dad was a Industrial business representative for trading throughout countries.
they both were born in Mexico City, Mexico
they had my sister in 1997 and then had me
they immirgrated to Toronto, Canada.
We took a plane and landed in Toronto, Canada. They choose Canada because its safe, it has a very good education, and a good healthcare system. My dad has been to Canada tp sudy english, he has seen Toronto various times. My aunt was also living in Canada with her family.
Major legacies in my family is :
Every one in my family have gone and graduated University.
My great, great grandmother have passed on a engagement ring, for the men to give to their fiance, this legacie has been in our family since 4 generations and many others to come. We want to keep the legacie, and soon it will be my turn.
My great grandfather built his home, and it has been passed down to my grandparents and soon to my aunts adn uncles in Mexico.
no cable tv
no computer
no cellphones
no videogames
no social media
parents/teachers were strict
punishments were viollent (physical)
non-advanced technology
non-advanced healthcare
social media
advanced technology and healthcare
school isnt so strict
Legacies & Life in 1970's
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